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Drakkar Noir, the eternal seducer of Guy Laroche


Drakkar Noir, the eternal seducer of Guy Laroche
Drakkar Noir, the eternal seducer of Guy Laroche

The story of Drakkar Noir began in 1982. Nevertheless, Guy Laroche had already, ten years earlier, presented a first fragrance simply called Drakkar.

The serene power of man Guy Laroche

This was a concentrate of strength and power. This perfume was intended for a man of action. Also, Black Drakkar seems to have pushed this effect to its climax. The virility is perceived there in a more extreme way. However, Drakkar Noir is a fragrance that does not lack tenderness. He displays a savage masculinity while maintaining serenity and perfect self-control. As you will have understood, Drakkar Noir is a fragrance of contrasts. He portrays to us the image of a gentleman with innate sensuality and casual charm. However, it seems that this big tough guy actually hides a tender heart. Moreover, it is undoubtedly there that lies its charm and the longevity of its perfume. Black Drakkar is thus suitable for arrogant and insolent but absolutely desirable men. Ladies don’t try to resist,

The intense virility of Black Drakkar

Drakkar Noir is therefore a juice that was developed by the perfumer Pierre Wargnye. This 30-year-old olfactory reference is powerful, explosive and warm at the same time. Its start combines the freshness of lemon, the bite of spearmint and the aromatic scents of verbena. Then, this effect is further accentuated in his heart. The latter is bursting with basil and rosemary. Nevertheless, Drakkar Noir places above all lavender at the heart of its composition. This plant is a true symbol of male perfumery. Indeed, it is a flower with a smell reminiscent of the barber soap of yesteryear. She then gives the whole a touch of nostalgia that suits her like a glove. This very harmonious structure is still spiced with juniper berries, coriander, angelica and wormwood. Then, Black Drakkar’s masculinity literally explodes at its core. This combines cedar wood, patchouli, oak moss and fir balsam. Drakkar Noir is then contained in a bottle ideally cut to be grasped by a virile hand but which is not for all that devoid of sensual curves. It is like a black pebble polished by the sea. An intense matt black lacquer covers it from the head to the foot. In this sense, Black Drakkar appears to be particularly mysterious and all the more bewitching.

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