Kenzoki and its Sacred Lotus Oil


Kenzoki and its Sacred Lotus Oil
Kenzoki and its Sacred Lotus Oil

The anti-aging benefits of the new Kenzoki Sacred Lotus Face Oil

If Kenzo is above all known for its perfumes, this brand also launched a few years ago in the creation of cosmetic treatments. However, these have already largely proven their effectiveness. They are grouped under the name of Kenzoki and continue to develop new ranges as their discoveries progress. This is how the brand new Sacred Lotus Face Oil from Kenzoki was introduced. Focus on this product as effective as it is intoxicating or soothing.

Kenzoki’s know-how

Kenzo’s first perfume was created in 1988. Since that date, many other fragrances have followed, some of which have achieved real worldwide success. However, in the meantime, the house of Kenzo decided to embark on a new adventure and created a range of cosmetics called Kenzoki. It was created in 2001 and offers facial and body treatments. It draws most of its assets directly from the heart of nature, and more particularly in Asia. Thus, each of the Kenzoki treatments is a real call to travel. Equipped with refined packaging, they offer incredible ease of use. Their scent is as bewitching as their sensual textures. However, it is precisely this soothing and bewitching effect that is found in the new Sacred Lotus Face Oil from the Belle de Jour range.

The Belle de Jour range

Kenzoki’s Belle de Jour products use the benefits of the Sacred Lotus to integrate them directly into its care. Indeed, this Asian plant has been famous for thousands of years for its benefits on the epidermis. Cultivated in Asia, directly in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, the Sacred Lotus is at the same time very relaxing, extremely soothing and particularly beneficial on the skin. It protects it from free radicals, agents known to attack the epidermis, weaken it and make it age prematurely. The Belle de Jour range thus uses this plant to give the skin a second youth. This natural anti-wrinkle is absolutely stunning in its effectiveness.

Sacred Lotus Face Oil

Kenzoki Sacred Lotus Face Oil is a real feat. Its soothing scent made from lotus flowers has the power to calm spirits and immediately soothe stress. What is more, this Face Oil has regenerating, purifying and antioxidant properties. Particularly suitable for sensitive skin, it is rich in fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, phosphorus, copper, manganese, phenol and antioxidants. Thus, Kenzoki offers us a particularly rich and very beneficial treatment for the skin. To use it, you just need to slip a few drops into the palm of your hands and apply it directly to your face. In parallel, know that you can also mix a few drops of this oil with your usual cream or serum.

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