Kenzoki cleansing water


Kenzoki cleansing water
Kenzoki cleansing water

Kenzoki Stunning Cleansing Water, the secret to radiant skin

Most women are obsessed with staying beautiful and young for as long as possible. After all, what could be more normal? Plus, most people agree that genes play a big role in aging skin. However, even if this is not completely wrong, beauty professionals are categorical: actions can literally save your skin over time, starting with removing make-up! The latter is considered to be THE youthful gesture that beats all other treatments , in addition of course to good hydration. In this sense, Kenzoki has developed an Amazing Cleansing Water that cleanses your skin deeply.

Kenzoki’s ultra-effective make-up removal

If Stupefying Cleansing Water has such a name, it is quite simply because it is a highly effective product whose action has been proven by numerous dermatological tests. In this case, it is a micellar water that cleanses the face and eyes in depth without any risk of itching. Indeed, despite the formidable effectiveness of this treatment, the epidermis is completely respected. Stunning Cleansing Waterensures its cleaning function from the first pass. What’s more, it turns out to be particularly refreshing, making it ideal for cleaning the skin every morning. It is like a real boost capable of giving you energy to spare for a whole day. Kenzoki Stunning Cleansing Water provides optimal cleansing, making your face clearer, sharper and more radiant with each use. In addition, it incorporates natural active ingredients in order to strengthen the suppleness of your skin. Finally, it eliminates all dead cells as well as the many impurities on the surface of your epidermis and turns out to be an excellent toning routine.

The natural components of Stunning Cleansing Water

Like many Kenzoki products, Stunning Cleansing Water is made up of many natural extracts. In this case, it contains vegetable essence of ginger. This raw material is cultivated especially for Kenzo in the Chinese province of Shangdong. It grows on sandy soil naturally rich in mineral salts and essential oils. Thus, it is precisely these benefits that are found in Stupefying Cleansing Water. Ginger gives the skin a real glow and an instant healthy glow. Likewise, it has extraordinary toning and revitalizing properties. Thus, it helps the body to find the dynamism it needs day after day. At the same time, Stupefying Cleansing Water combines it with yuzu, a small Japanese citron close to lemon and traditionally used against dryness of the skin. This one is picked when it is the juiciest, in October, in order to increase the water level of the skin cells. Thus, the hydrating power of Stupefying Cleansing Water also contributes to making it a particularly effective product.

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