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Kenzoki Stunning Exfoliating Water


Kenzoki Stunning Exfoliating Water
Kenzoki Stunning Exfoliating Water

Thoroughly cleanse your skin with Kenzoki Stunning Exfoliating Water

The skin is the most visible part of our body. Also, it is essential to take care of it and to clean it in depth regularly. In other words, exfoliation is a beauty gesture that should never be overlooked. In fact, the cells of the upper layer of the skin accumulate and gradually dry it out. This makes it look duller over time. The purpose of exfoliation is then to eliminate dead cells and thus better oxygenate the epidermis. For this purpose, Kenzoki has developed an Amazing Exfoliating Water that promotes natural cell renewal.

The natural products contained in the Amazing Exfoliating Water

In order to develop its treatment, Kenzo has combined all its know-how and expertise in terms of cosmetology with the most beautiful assets of nature. Thus, a good number of natural active ingredients are present in Stupefying Exfoliating Water. In this case, vegetable essence of ginger, specially cultivated for Kenzo in the sandy plains of China, is incorporated into this composition. This plant growing in sandy soil is naturally rich in mineral salts and essential oils. It helps here to give a real boost to the complexion. It is associated with lemon, also arriving from China and sublimating the epidermis thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C. What is more, this one helps to eliminate the dead cells of the skin and gives a real freshness to your complexion. Licorice extract also completes this formula to soothe your skin. It provides long-lasting comfort to the skin and thus helps it fight against everyday aggressions.

The beneficial effects of Kenzoki care

A true miracle product, Stupefying Exfoliating Waterhas an effectiveness proven by numerous dermatological tests. It helps to exfoliate the skin without ever attacking it. Thus, the natural rhythm of the epidermis is respected and no grain is integrated into this treatment so as not to irritate the surface of your body. This is applied with a cotton ball and you seem to miraculously get a new skin in just one of its passages. This lotion instantly rids the body of impurities and dead cells. Your complexion appears immediately revitalized and gains in radiance. The effects of fatigue and daily stress are reduced. In other words, Amazing Exfoliating Water sounds like a real boost for your skin! What’s more, for even more ease of application, Stupefying Exfoliating Water does not need to be rinsed off. You just need to apply it on clean skin to enjoy its benefits. The ideal rhythm is to use this product about two to three times a week. What’s more, note that this treatment can also be combined with the use of cleansing water from the same range. Likewise, Kenzoki has developed another complementary balm specially dedicated to the eye area, enough to establish a beauty ritual worthy of the greatest professionals!

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