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Kenzo’s Lady of Hearts love game


Kenzo's Lady of Hearts love game
Kenzo‘s Lady of Hearts love game

The world of Kenzo perfumes is poetic and magical but always imbued with a certain sensuality. With Love Game in 2014, the famous house offers women a sparkling and gourmet fragrance that describes in scents the different facets of the love game. The beautiful and seductive Louise Bourgoin adds her daring charm to the image of this Love Game like no other  !

Love game or sensuality on the edge of perfume

For several decades, Kenzo had already immersed us in pure and original floral fragrances by successfully offering us a poetic and contemporary universe. For this new fragrance, Kenzo is embarking on a scented love story where the facets of the game of seduction are explored at the same time as the scents of Jeu d’Amour are discovered.

Daring, charms and sensuality are of course in the spotlight in this Love Game. But humor and love were one, Kenzo could only present this new fragrance by offering it with his legendary fantasy. Who better then than the sparkling and magnificent Louise Bourgoin to embody this Love game that never ceases to enchant us?

“Feminine, sensual, captivating Louise Bourgoin, the lady of the heart, the new seductress Kenzo . »Kenzo for Jeu d’Amour.
The beautiful muse will be the image of Jeu d’Amour from 2014, even inspiring the design of the packaging of the bottle with her red and sensual lips. For the first advertising campaign at the launch of Jeu d’Amour, Patrick Guedj decides to play his beauty in a Cuban setting with curls as mysterious as the bewitching charm of this spicy muse.

Moreover, the card game between Louise Bourgoin and her partner Adrien Brunier will quickly turn into a cocacious game of seduction where equivocal looks are sometimes funny and sometimes languid. A first noticeable appearance which will be followed by two other campaigns, always so delicious, making the actress an ideal muse for this so daring Love Game.

The scented facets of seduction explored by Jeu d’Amour

Jeu d’Amour is presented in a very modern bottle designed by Karim Rashid. Between the spicy red lips of Louise Bourgoin and the slender and very feminine glass of Jeu d’Amour, the design is clearly as sensual as the fragrance. Besides, the gradient silvery pink cannot reveal the precious composition of this enigmatic Love Game.

A Jeu d’Amour can only be done perfectly together, this pretty perfume was composed by two renowned perfumers, Daphné Bugey and Christophe Raynaud. To start the ball rolling with this amorous scent, notes of lemon and mandarin bring their invigorating freshness to a perfectly tender and juicy pear. Then the heart gradually reveals itself in powerful tuberose notes bestowed on jasmine and freesias. The fruity notes of peach and apple add their sweetness to these flowery scents in order to push the temptation to its height. Finally the masks fall and the master assets reveal amber depths of cashmeran and amber woods powdered with a few vanilla violets.

“An essence of femininity, concentrated in sensuality, this gourmet floral explores all the facets of the game of love. »Kenzo for Jeu d’Amour.

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