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Kimitsu For Him, the newborn of the Japanese house Annayake


Kimitsu For Him, the newborn of the Japanese house Annayake
Kimitsu For Him, the newborn of the Japanese house Annayake

Since its launch in perfumery in 2000, the Japanese house Annayake has accustomed us to presenting us each year with duos of perfumes. Thus, the year 2015 was that of Tsukiyo couples. Likewise, a few months earlier, Annayake had already introduced us to Niji for men and women. Never mind, the brand does not intend to stop there and has just announced the upcoming release of two new fragrances. The latter are called Kimitsu For Her and Kimitsu For Him. Once is not custom, what would you say to know what it is on the side of these gentlemen?

The woody and spicy flavor of the new Annayake fragrance

Kimitsu For Him is already touted as a juice with character. Nevertheless, it retains the Japanese aura of the sign and is therefore designed with perfect harmony. It starts with a fairly classic approach to perfumery and thus lets out a citrus-based flavor. In other words, it is an easily accessible scent, both fresh and energizing. Then, he lets out a little of his impertinence via the presence of black pepper.

This raw material here reveals a spicy, rising and dry scent. In addition, this is a typical flavor of woody scents. Then, the whole is sunny with a contribution of neroli. This is the essential oil obtained from the distillation of orange blossom and whose scent is at the same time rich, floral and sweet. This is associated with aromatic spices such as sage, rosemary, thyme or lavender. Then, Kimitsu For Him takes care of an ingredient rarely used in perfumery: mate.

It is an herb from South America and has a sweet scent halfway between that of tea and hay. Finally, Kimitsu For Him ends with a deeper and more amber accord. This combines the masculinity of vetiver with the woody flavor of cedar while warming this set of amber.

Kimitsu For Him’s Look

On the bottle side, Kimitsu For Him takes up the aesthetics of its predecessors. Thus, it follows the tradition of minimalism and sophistication specific to the Annayake brand. Its case also pays homage to a typically Japanese inkwell. Indeed, the art of calligraphy is traditionally very important in this country. The whole rests on a white background and is decorated with black horizontal lines.

The latter are then thicker in the male version of this juice than in its female version. They also come to draw a perfect circle on its front face allowing us to glimpse its name. This visual is the work of the talented designer Thierry de Baschmakoff, emblematic character of the bottle and who founded the company Aesthete in the 80s.

This very prolific designer has today more than 6,000 references for the biggest luxury houses. As such, Annayake seems to have put the small dishes in the big ones and Kimitsu For Him thus has a visual of any beauty.

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