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Kimmi Fragrance Holly Perfume


Kimmi Fragrance Holly Perfume
Kimmi Fragrance Holly Perfume

Holly, the little gourmet doll from Kimmi Fragrance

Kimmidoll is a brand that you must have heard of over the past few years, even if you may not be a huge fan of Asian culture. The sign is embodied in small Japanese dolls and the public’s enthusiasm for them has made a resounding noise in recent years.

Kimmidoll literally invaded Europe and gradually developed its activity, reaching the world of perfumery, in collaboration with Koto Parfums. Today, Kimmi Fragrance offers a large collection of essences presented in small dolls dressed in a kimono. Holly is one of them. It embodies gluttony and is aimed at all the sparkling young women of today.

The history of Kimmidoll scented dolls

Kimmidoll dolls are inspired by an ancient Japanese tradition. In fact, in the past, cabinetmakers from northern Japan made Kokeshi dolls. These were sold as a souvenir, but also to bring good luck to the person who received them. Thus, these figurines carried within them a part of esotericism, and offered themselves as a token of love or friendship. Kimmidoll dolls are very inspired by this tradition and lead us directly into the Edo era. Today, all Kimmi Fragrance perfumes are presented in a bottle adopting this silhouette.

Holly is no exception to tradition and seems to contain within her a spiritual essence from ancient Japan. Each doll is associated with a particular character. Some of them embody grace, others purity, goodness or even femininity. Holly is a bubbly and playful figure. It comes in a transparent kimono-shaped bottle tinted with a very girly pink. Its cabochon, meanwhile, form the head of the doll. It is covered with a sort of pink helmet drawing a squared hair, emblematic of Japanese fashion. Small fruits also come to slip at the level of its fringe, as if to nod to the fragrance contained in this bottle.

Holly, a sweet and girly scent

Holly is a particularly fruity juice that immediately takes us into a very positive world. Holly is a real cocktail filled with vitamins. It brings vitality in everyday life, and immediately opens with a velvety and fresh combination of apple and peach. Holly’s crunchy and vegetal breath is further amplified by the more tangy freshness of mandarin.

Then, Holly gradually gains in femininity. Its breath becomes more floral and greedy. Thus, Holly plays in the register of tenderness. Holly is on the border between the world of childhood and adulthood. Moreover, this perfume is just as happy for teenage girls as it is for collectors of Kimmidoll products. Finally, note that Holly contains very little alcohol. Thus, it does not cause any risk of irritation, even on the more fragile skin of young girls.

Holly Eau de Toilette by KimmidollTreat your children to Christmas 2013 with the new Holly Eau de Toilette from the Kimmidoll range, for little girls.

Holly Eau de Toilette by Kimmidoll

Buy Kimmidoll Eau de Toilette Holly at a low price at Fragrenza Perfumes online perfumery .

Discover the new funny and mischievous doll from the Kimmi Fragrance collection.

A cocktail of juicy peaches, green apples and tangerines enhanced with floral notes for a scent that is both tender and sweet. This new sweet and gourmet fragrance is presented in a completely irresistible rose-clad bottle.

In its case, a sheet of dedicated stickers to personalize your bottle. Composed by French perfumers, this eau de toilette benefits from the know-how of Koto Parfums and respects the skin of the youngest.

Childrens Perfumes

Olfactory Family: Fruity – Floral

Top notes: Peaches

Heart Notes: Green Apple, Mandarin

Base notes: Fruity

Retrouvez ce parfum au meilleur prix chez notre partenaire parfum : Holly – Fragrenza Perfumes, ainsi que tous les produits de la brand Kimmi Fragrance.

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