KissKiss Matte Guerlain matte lipstick


KissKiss Matte matte lipstick
KissKiss Matte matte lipstick

Kisskiss Matte, all of Guerlain’s expertise in a new lipstick

Lipstick is arguably one of the oldest makeup products around. The first traces of red appeared in the Egypt of the Pharaohs . To get noticed, Cleopatra also used a mixture of henna and crushed carmine. Nevertheless, the lipstick tube as we know it today appeared in 1870 thanks to the house of Guerlain. However, as each era obeys different rules, the brand continues to revisit this product from year to year to stick as closely as possible to consumer expectations and trends. This is how the brand new Kisskiss Matte from Guerlain appeared.

The new golden case of the Kisskiss Matte

First of all, let’s start by underlining the elegance of the brand new Guerlain case . Indeed, the Kisskiss Matte has exchanged its black opacity of the past for a more precious and refined golden color. Its sleek style displays very elegant and feminine curves. Much different from other lipstick tubes, the Kisskiss Matte looks more like a small work of art. This sculptural jewel brings together three slender cubes forming a sort of totem pole. The first from the bottom swivels from right to left to reveal the splendor of your Kisskiss Matte.

The many advantages of Kisskiss Matte

From then on, all you have to do is observe the many advantages of this new generation lipstick. First of all, it should be noted that it benefits from all of Guerlain’s expertise in the field of perfumery. Indeed, the Kisskiss Matte is enriched with a subtle fragrance of violet, vanilla and red fruits. It is loaded with many imperceptible colored pigments that give the illusion of a fuller mouth. Its matte texture is also enriched with precious oils which serve to nourish, smooth and hydrate your lips. In other words, the Kisskiss Matte does not just color your mouth but takes care of it in the long term. Hyaluronic acid will give your lips more volume and shape. Everything is available in nine different colors, enough to satisfy your desires for all occasions …

Apply your Guerlain lipstick correctly

To properly apply Kisskiss Matte lipstick , Guerlain recommends following a small routine. First of all, know that it is essential to take care of your mouth on a daily basis. To do this, do not forget to exfoliate it regularly, to moisturize it and to nourish it. Then start your application with a Liplift basecoat. This will be used to smooth your lips. Go over the outline of your mouth slightly, then blend the product with your fingers. Then draw the outline of your lips using a Guerlain pen or lip pencil. This will prevent your lipstick from spinning and fading. Finally, finish with one to two coats of Kisskiss Matte and adjust its coverage according to the desired result.

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