Kit Pores et Matité, the minute care against excess sebum


Kit Pores et Matité, the minute care against excess sebum
Kit Pores et Matité, the minute care against excess sebum

Oily skin is a gift of nature that touches most people. Oily nose, slippery forehead, shimmering faces,… such are the effects produced by a sudden increase in the production of sebum. So, if the situation makes you so desperate that you want to plunge your face into a bowl of talc, rest assured, we have another solution! The Clarins house has just developed a brand new product to take everywhere with you, a real SOS treatment against shine. Focus on the Clarins Pores et Matité Kit.

Clarins mattifying paper

The Pores and Matity Kit contains two distinct elements gathered in one and the same small nomadic case. Thus, it slips easily into a bag and comes to your rescue as soon as a surplus of sebum appears. The application process of the Kit Pores et Matité therefore comes in two distinct phases. The first of these is to apply mattifying paper to your face.. This acts like a blotter and absorbs excess sebum. Note, however, that this is not just a piece of paper. In fact, the mattifying sheets contained in the Pores and Matting Kit are enriched with zinc oxide, an agent known for its absorbent and softening properties. To use it, nothing could be simpler: take a sheet of your Pores and Matte Kit, and gently pat it on the shiny areas of your face. What’s more, be aware that it does not remove the foundation.

The powder contained in the Pores and Matte Kit

Once your skin has been properly “sponged”, all you have to do is beautify it with the smoothing powder contained in the Pores and Matity Kit. It is absolutely not colored and is not intended to bring color to your skin. On the other hand, it makes it possible to sublimate your skin and to make it more matte. To do this, it is enriched with acacia gum, a product that smooths the skin relief . White clay, for its part, is used here for its mattifying effect. Likewise, the powder of the Pores and Matity Kit contains an anti-pollution complex and helps fight against dehydration. Thanks to this powder, the pores of your skin will appear visibly blurred and smoother. Thus, more than 85% of women who have tested this product say they are satisfied with its effectiveness.

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