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Kouros the scent of the modern Greek hero


Kouros the scent of the modern Greek hero
Kouros the scent of the modern Greek hero

The animal power of Kouros by Yves Saint-Laurent

If Yves Saint-Laurent decided to reinterpret one of his greatest perfumes, in 2016, let us note that Kouros actually saw the light of day in 1981. Its tenacious and bestial scent immediately noticed him. Moreover, rumors affirm that the brief of Yves Saint-Laurent sent to the various perfume houses asked them to recreate the smell of the sheets after love. As you can see, Kouros is a seductive fragrance with a powerful and even somewhat macho effect. It is a fragrance synonymous with audacity that has never ceased to be talked about for more than 30 years now.

All the work of Pierre Bourdon for Yves Saint-Laurent

In order to make the Kouros perfume, the Yves Saint-Laurent house had called on the perfumer Pierre Bourdon. However, nothing predestined this creator to orient himself in this direction. Pierre Bourdon rather wanted to focus on literature. However, his father did not see him that way and forced him to take a course in political science. Pierre Bourdon then graduated but at the same time met Edmond Roudnitska, a big name in French perfumery. This was a real revelation for him and this is how Pierre Bourdon decided to enter the world of perfumery. Edmond Roudnitska became his mentor and taught him the basics of the trade for five years. From then on, Pierre Bourdon’s natural talent did the rest. He tries to create a real work of art in each of his creations. He qualifies himself as an artist and silversmith. He transposes, in a way, his love of words in the world of perfumery. His creative daring has earned him here to create one of the greatest perfumes of the Yves Saint-Laurent house.

The many revisits of Kouros

However, if the Kouros perfume has endured for so many years, it is also because it has been metamorphosed according to trends. Thus, he began with an extremely powerful and intriguing fragrance. The first Kouros perfume took the form of a leathery chypre nuanced with a metallic freshness. However, in 1986, the Yves Saint-Laurent house decided to transform it into a Eau de Sport. This put more emphasis on the freshness of aromatics and citrus fruits, paving the way for the trend of fresh scents typical of the 90s. Moreover, this was further accentuated, in 1993, with the creation of the Kouros Fraicheur fragrance. . It was then a question of illuminating the original fragrance of the Yves Saint-Laurent brand. Kouros thus took charge of bergamot and neroli. In 2003, Kouros Cologne Sport dressed in transparency, illuminating its heart with orange blossom and jasmine while nuancing it with a trail of patchouli. Finally, the last variation of the iconic Kouros appeared in 2015 in the form of Kouros Silver, a juice more manly and woody than ever. In addition, let us note also that Kouros also metamorphoses on the occasion of each summer, since 2002, in a more aerial water and specially marketed in limited edition.

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent, the scent of modern Greek heroes

Kouros is one of the great successes of the 80s in the world of men’s perfumery . This animal fragrance perfectly embodies the “macho man” spirit. It conveys the image of triumphant masculinity and is a conquering fragrance with a powerful and intense trail. Although its character is dynamic and spicy, its flight remains very fresh and invigorating. Its structure is very sensual and powerful … In short, it is a great success that owes its longevity to the know-how at the origin of its creation. So, why deprive yourself of buying it?… Especially if it is cheaper!

Kouros, the story of its creation

Ten years after YSL for men, Yves Saint Laurent signs a success with the Kouros perfume . This perfume created in 1981 is strongly inspired by the universe of the Greek gods. You should know that at the base, Kouros is the name given to a statue representing a young man, dating from the archaic period of Greek sculpture. Moreover, Homer used this term to speak of young soldiers. Thus, it was during a trip to this country that Yves Saint Laurent discovered these immense statues and that he was inspired. He will declare a posteriori: “I had my new perfume.

And his name ! The concept is strong and at the height of this innovative and committed essence. The Kouros perfume is in a way the embodiment of the modern Greek god. This is why, in the various advertisements for this perfume, we often find a man’s body tanned and perfectly drawn on white and deep blue backgrounds reminiscent of the colors of the Greek flag. This masculine nectar is therefore intended for seducers and men of power. According to Yann Andrea, international marketing director for the brand’s fragrances, “Kouros is the strength of the Greek temple, that of the trophy too, which tells of valor, reveals the courage of the winner”.

The animal essence of Yves Saint Laurent

It is Pierre Bourdon who is at the origin of this perfume belonging to the “aromatic chypre” family. This one declares about the perfume Kouros: “Because of its animal note, it is one of the most daring perfumes that I have ever made”. Indeed, its flight is very animal and especially very innovative for the time. Yves Saint Laurent is not lacking in daring and affirms the strong character of the house with this fragrance with a tenacious and deep trail. Its leathery facet immediately grabs us then gives way to an aromatic component given by mugwort, coriander and lavender. Then the aldehydes give it a note reminiscent of Marseille soap on freshly washed skin. Finally, the main fern accord of Kouros is totally revisited and this is where all the complexity of this fragrance comes from.

Ses différentes facettes, qu’elles soient fleuries épicées avec l’œillet, cuirées  avec la civette et la base animalis ou encore miellée, s’associent pour créer ce parfum qui ne manque pas d’originalité. Même si nous vous le proposons moins cher, tachez de ne pas oublier que la fragrance que vous tiendrez entre vos mains est un véritable chef d’œuvre olfactif. A l’image d’Yves Saint Laurent, il forme une association très réussie du classique et de l’audace.

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