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Kristen Stewart muse of Gabrielle perfume


Kristen Stewart muse of Gabrielle perfume
Kristen Stewart muse of Gabrielle perfume

Kristen Stewart, the perfect embodiment of the new Gabrielle Chanel

If the world of perfumery is very often marked by the announcement of new olfactory releases, some of them immediately resonate the entire planet. Thus, in 2017, Chanel announced the release of a brand new fragrance named Gabrielle . Bearing the name of the famous designer of the brand, this essence is already promising to be talked about and to place itself at the top of perfume sales. From then on, all that was missing was a face to sublimate this new essence. It’s now done and, unsurprisingly, Gabrielle will be played by actress Kristen Stewart.

Gabrielle, an abstract but commercial perfume

For now, very little information has filtered out about the recipe for the new Gabrielle fragrance. On the other hand, we already know that this one was made by Olivier Polge. This renowned perfumer has held the position of exclusive nose of the house of Chanel since February 2015, succeeding his father, the talented Jacques Polge. However, do not believe that this one is there only thanks to its descent. He has an innate talent for making perfumes and his talent is widely recognized by his peers. He did not want to lift the veil on the ingredients contained in his new perfume. He simply explained that it was an abstract perfume but that the goal was to “put Gabrielle in the top 10. So it’s not a niche perfume,” he says.

Kristen Stewart as Gabrielle

But then, who could embody Gabriel, the famous founder of the rue Cambon label? Kristen Stewart, of course! Indeed, the actress has imposed herself without surprise to embody the image of the famous designer. Between the French fashion house and the American actress, it’s a story that lasts. Kristen Stewart never ceases to suppress the creations of Chanel. She was notably the face of the winter 2016 make-up collection for the brand as well as the Art et Métiers collection or that of the latest Chanel bag, Gabrielle. It must be said that the pretty brunette seems to be a sort of modern-day coconut Chanel. Both charismatic and daring, she seems like the perfect character to take on this role.

The presentation of the new Chanel perfume

For the occasion, Kristen Stewart was photographed by French photographer Karim Sadli. Very talented, he has already had the opportunity to work for many renowned brands. He has thus produced multiple portraits of world famous stars like Vanessa paradis, Jeanne Moreau or Charlotte Gainsbourg. On the small screen, Kristen Stewart, or rather Gabrielle, will be portrayed by director Ringan Ledwidge. Also very famous in his field, he multiplies the creations of films for the biggest brands in the world. He is today one of the most recognized British directors on the planet.

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