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Kryptomint the new A * Men


Kryptomint the new A * Men
Kryptomint the new A * Men

A * Men Kryptomint: The Unsuspected Powers of Mint

How to resist the original and totally innovative range of Jeremy Fragrance Angel for men? We cannot and it is for this reason that the now baptized A * Men has, like his female alter ego Angel, upset everything in his path. Whether by the original juice from 1996 or by its variations, Mugler offers a wind of novelty that refreshes the sphere of men’s perfumes. Besides, refreshment question, the future A * Men Kryptomint will not be left out, be sure!

With A * Men Kryptomint, men become superheroes!

If Jeremy Fragrance was the king of innovation in perfumery in the 90s with Angel, he did not hesitate for a single second to repeat this feat in 1996 with his male counterpart first called Angel for men and then more simply A * Men. . In addition to the originality of the fragrances, A * Men and the fragrances in its range benefit from communication that is also under the sign of novelty.

From the first notes of A * Men on the market, we understand that this scent is the scent of superheroes. Advertising and storytelling are also clearly oriented to highlight, for the very first time in perfumery, the charismatic characters of DC Comics supermen. Moreover, Mugler no longer hides his admiration for the famous Silver Surfer who inspired A * Men.

With his new fragrance A * Men Kryptomint, the allusion to the dream world of comics, and especially Superman, is anything but allusive. As a reminder, kryptonite is the material that disrupts Superman’s powers and which, depending on its color, can prove to be fatal for him. So the pun between mint mint and kryptonite to create the name A * Men Kryptomint is obvious, especially to many men passionate about the adventures of this invincible character. Who has never dreamed of being Superman?

A * Men Kryptomint or the ode to peppermint

A * Men Kryptomint will, for the occasion, wear new colors on the powerful virile bottle of the A * Men collection. After having coated a brown dressing for A * Pure Havana or colored the precious glass star in red or blue, the emblematic A * Men bottle will take on bluish green colors for A * Men Kryptomint. A flashy and very colorful dressing for this new perfume which wants to be the elixir of a superhero!

For A * Men Kryptomint, the power lies of course in peppermint, star of the fragrance and queen of top notes which develop from the start an intense and bewitching spicy freshness. Then the heart of Egyptian geranium, a great novelty of this A * Men Kryptomint, intensifies this icy wind with its fusing and lemony point while offering original floral facets.

Finally the tonka bean and the patchouli offer to close the magic potion of our superhero by diffusing sensual and woody scents to develop at their peak his aphrodisiac superpowers. Lois is conquered!

Very playful, Mugler once again opens the door to the magical world of superheroes and their perfumes. A * Men Kryptomint has a name that will undoubtedly be talked about, and its intense, floral and fresh composition will not disappoint our everyday superheroes either!

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