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La Crème Masvelt, the anti-roundness treatment from Clarins


La Crème Masvelt, the anti-roundness treatment from Clarins
La Crème Masvelt, the anti-roundness treatment from Clarins

Clarins is a brand that never ceases to study nature and take the best it has to integrate it into treatments in the service of beauty. Thus, the entire Clarins range highlights the natural beauty of your body while respecting its functioning. In this continuity, Clarins has therefore developed a cream to fight against rebellious and established curves … Enough to sublimate your hourglass figure!

The three actions of Masvelt Cream

Clarins anti-roundness cream combines three actions in order to combine performance and benevolence. It refines rebellious curves, firms and smoothes your skin, redefines the contours of your body. Likewise, the Masvelt Creamhelps fight cellulite. Its soft and melting texture envelops the body in softness and leaves an immediate feeling of freshness. What’s more, for a real moment of happiness, this treatment is enriched with a flowery and woody fragrance. Finally, note that this cream instantly penetrates the heart of the epidermis, leaving no greasy feel behind it and allowing you to dress immediately after its application. In other words, this refining, firming and beautifying cream is simply an everyday ally to make you feel better about yourself. Thanks to her, rebellious curves are controlled and gradually fade. What’s more, its texture lends itself easily to massage, enough to indulge in a real institute treatment at home.

The program developed by Clarins

Likewise, for even greater efficiency, Clarins has chosen to support you in a slimming program. Indeed, no need to believe in the impossible: there is no such thing as a miracle product! Thus, this treatment can only work in addition to a balanced diet and regular sports practice. This is why Clarins offers many tips to follow on a daily basis to help you lose your unsightly little curves. Likewise, Clarins’ tips are not limited to your plate or your gym. The brand also guides you on other treatments such as body scrubs or exfoliators, which also allow you to obtain a more unified silhouette.

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