La Cuvée Secrète, a new Eau de Cologne from Guerlain


La Cuvée Secrète, a new Eau de Cologne from Guerlain
La Cuvée Secrète, a new Eau de Cologne from Guerlain

The Guerlain house is one of the oldest and most famous of our French heritage. It was born in 1828 and today has a particularly rich heritage. Thus, even if Guerlain continues to evolve with the times, the brand always tries to keep its history in memory. However, it is precisely this timeless blend that we find in the brand new Cuvée Secrète from Guerlain. This Eau de Cologne is halfway between the origins of Guerlain and our contemporary era for a particularly fresh look.

Guerlain and the tradition of Eaux de Cologne

There was a time when Eau de Cologne was considered to be the perfume of the bourgeoisie. It was therefore essential to know how to work this one in order to rank among the great perfumers. However, the least we can say is that Guerlain has set the bar very high in this area. In fact, it was in 1853 that Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain produced the Eau de Cologne Impériale for the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III.

She literally fell under the spell of this fragrance and then swore by the house of Guerlain. Thus, the sign became the brand of choice for the greatest crowned heads in Europe. Guerlain also became the official supplier to Elisabeth of Austria, better known as Sissi, Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth of Spain. As a result, the Eaux de Cologne have remained in the tradition of the brand. Guerlain considers them to be an obligatory art of living. This is why this great house keeps reinventing the Colognes with a more modern air but just as loaded with nobility and freshness. This is where the last Cuvée Secrète came from, as if to pay tribute to the golden age of the Guerlain house .

The freshness of La Cuvée Secrète

A true piece of Guerlain heritage, La Cuvée Secrète is presented to us in the emblematic bottle of Guerlain Colognes. Forming a glass cylinder, it is surmounted by a wooden cabochon. Everything is very sober and refined, so as to cross the ages, once again, without ever taking a wrinkle.

The Guerlain formula is dosed very precisely here. The whole thing reveals an unprecedented harmony mainly revolving around three ingredients. In addition, the scent of La Cuvée Secrète begins with a fresh breath of bergamot, fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and sour orange. Lavender, for its part, brings here a more aromatic and Provençal aspect. Moreover, this Mediterranean aspect is further reinforced by the solar presence of petit grain. Guerlain therefore recommends two different uses for its product. La Cuvée Secrète can be applied directly to the skin like a classic perfume.

However, you can also dilute a few drops in your bath water. It will only make the moment more pleasant while toning your skin.

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