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La Fille de L’Air Iris, elegance revisited


La Fille de L'Air Iris, elegance revisited
La Fille de L’Air Iris, elegance revisited

On one day in 1965, André Courrèges said, “Fashion design is old-fashioned. Femininity must change its aspect. I want to see a different woman. If this remained his leitmotif throughout his career, it was as much in his couture department as in his perfumes. Also, as if to give thanks to the desire of women to always flourish a little more, the house Courrèges developed, in 2015, a perfume called La Fille de L’Air . Well, know that this one returns in an even more elegant format named for the occasion La Fille de L’Air Iris.

The philosophy of the Courrèges woman

If Courrèges has decided to make a perfume called La Fille de L’Air, it is above all to pay tribute to today’s woman and her unfailing determination. Indeed, the latter is on all fronts at the same time. She tries to manage all her lives as well as possible simultaneously: family, personal, professional, digital… If she sets out to recharge her batteries, she would also like to be in a thousand different places at the same time. Once again, through the creation of this fragrance, Courrèges seems to adapt particularly to our present time. It offers women a unique opportunity to recharge their batteries, like a breath of calm in everyday life.

La Fille de L’Air Iris, a juice created by Fabrice Pellegrin

In order to create this perfume, Courrèges called on Fabrice Pellegrin. Son of a perfumer, he was seduced at a very young age by the world of scents. On the other hand, he categorically refuses to adapt at all costs to current trends. He prefers to be guided by his emotions. What is more, this lover of beautiful raw materials and travel can be found fully in this new perfume. La Fille de L’Air Iris thus begins with all the dynamism of current femininity. It combines citrus fruits such as tangerine and bergamot for this. Neroli, meanwhile, brings here incomparable solar radiation. Moreover, this one is relayed by orange blossom in the top notes of La Fille de L’Air Iris. This is when the main ingredient in this fragrance emerges. The iris reveals all its nobility and its powdery flavors, accompanied by the floral scent of heliotrope. Finally, the whole warms up little by little until it gains a woody and sensual base. La Fille de L’Air Iris ends with a trio of cedar, white musk and tonka bean.

The reinterpretation of the Courrèges bottle

La Fille de L’Air Iris is presented to us in the emblematic bottle of the Courrèges house. Born in 1971, this one is a timeless one that we never tire of rediscovering. It rests on a cylindrical base and surprises with its very imposing spherical cap. This time, it has been redesigned in a transparent glass with a green water color. The visual rendering of La Fille de L’Air Iris is at the same time poetic, exotic and soothing, just like the essence it contains.

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