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La Fille de l’Air Monoï de Courrèges, an exotic journey


La Fille de l'Air Monoï de Courrèges, an exotic journey
La Fille de l’Air Monoï de Courrèges, an exotic journey

It is not uncommon for perfumes to serve as a source of inspiration for perfumers. Indeed, it is in the four corners of the world that they like to unearth rare and precious raw materials to transcribe the scent to us. Also, it is completely in accordance with this philosophy that the perfume La Fille de l’Air was born , in 2015. Following on from this juice, Courrèges presents a brand new essence based on tiare flower. Prepare your luggage, La Fille de l’Air Monoï is taking us on a trip!

The return of the timeless bottle of Courrèges

The belonging of this new perfume to the house of Courrèges is recognizable from the first glance. Indeed, it takes the emblematic shape of the Courrèges bottles. It was born for the very first time in 1971 thanks to the Empreinte perfume. Characteristic of its time, the latter was based on a cylindrical body surmounted by an enormous plug similar to an oversized sphere. This sleek and futuristic design did not fail to surprise when it was first released. Nevertheless, it allowed him to go through the ages without ever going out of fashion. Today, La Fille de l’Air Monoï therefore retains this iconic design but is adorned with more exotic colors. Thus, its transparency is revealed in pink and orange nuances very evocative of a sunset by the ocean. Since then, La Fille de l’Air Monoï displays a perfect match between its bottle and its fragrance. La Fille de l’Air Monoï is a perfume for women dreaming of ubiquity, wanting to be in all places of the world at the same time but having finally decided to put their suitcases in a little corner of paradise, on a lost island where reigns tranquility.

The sweet flavor of La Fille de l’Air Monoï

La Fille de l’Air Monoï is a fragrance created by the talented Fabrice Pellegrin. Himself the son of a perfumer, he was introduced to smells very early on. These latter give rise to a wide range of emotions in him and it is precisely this that guides each of his creations. On the other hand, Fabrice Pellegrin rejects the dictates of marketing. He does not try to keep up with trends and this has led him to be very drawn to niche perfumery. A true travel lover, he tries to share with us one of his journeys in each of his creations. Thus, La Fille de l’Air Monoï appears to be a very sunny juice. Its flavor begins with a very luminous freshness. This combines bergamot, a fruit from the cross between bitter orange and lemon, and neroli. The latter is an absolute obtained by distillation of the leaves and peel of the sour orange tree. The result is a woody scent but fresh and full of sunshine. Moreover, this is also noticeable in its heart notes mainly revolving around orange blossom. Finally, La Fille de l’Air Monoï ends its journey with a concentrate of exoticism, linking tiare flower and vanilla in a very sensual base.

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