La Panthère, a Cartier heritage turned into a perfume


La Panthère, a Cartier heritage turned into a perfume
La Panthère, a Cartier heritage turned into a perfume

 With this perfume, the Cartier house wanted to draw on its heritage, as if to better put it in the spotlight. The latter symbolizes a free and passionate woman, like this indomitable animal. Its essence is very flowery, while being fruity, chypre and musky. It then lets show a femininity allied to a disarming felinity and sensuality. Moreover, to talk about this perfume, Mathilde Laurent, its creator, will say: “Every woman conceals a part of felinity and every flower hides animal notes”.

The Panther, an animal that has become emblematic

For Cartier, the panther is not a simple animal. Indeed, the latter has become a true symbol of the house. According to Cartier, she embodies, better than any other animal, an indomitable femininity. She is a rebellious, sensual and free beast. Also, seduced by these characteristics, the creation house had already drawn from it a source of inspiration in 1987 to create a perfume. This one was very borrowed from the universe of its time, symbolizing wonderfully the opulence and the splendor of the time. Also, almost thirty years later, the Cartier house decided to revisit it. The latter is much more modern. It gives a glimpse of a panther, both charming and sensual, leaving a solar wake in its path. This scent is both floral and tawny. In short, it is a real seduction trap which closes in on us without our being able to do anything. It creates the cravings and would almost make the panther the most attractive animal in the entire animal kingdom.

Cartier’s feline spirit

Before even talking about this fragrance, let’s stop for a few moments on its totally hypnotic bottle. The latter gives a glimpse of a panther through its frosted glass. This result is the fruit of unprecedented and particularly avant-garde know-how. This case has been carved like a precious stone and suggests a panther in its geometric shapes. Its orange hue and square jaw are simply fascinating. This original bottle is the result of a veritable feat of the glassmaker. In addition, the juice it contains speaks volumes as well. This one presents a captivating ambiguity. The gardenia is omnipresent there. We find him in overdose in his heart and he then gives all the animality to this essence. What is more, this lively and reactive flower accentuates its animal ardor in the presence of musk. Likewise, we also find the scents of orange blossom, followed by an accord of jasmine and ylang-ylang with solar, suave and sensual notes. Its top notes are more aniseed. Finally, the base is declined under notes of patchouli, evernyl and musks. The Panthère de Cartier does not lack character and therefore ends up drawing its strength from the power of amber wood.

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