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La Panthère, the fragrance of the Cartier wild flower


La Panthère the wild flower of Cartier
La Panthère the wild flower of Cartier

The beautiful Cartier jewelry house launched into perfumery in the 1980s with its appointed perfumer Mathilde Laurent. From then on, Cartier will not cease to offer fragrances as qualitative as its jewelry. La Panthère was born in 2014 after having already experienced a first oriental life in 1987. This time the fawn will not play with its power but rather with its grace by offering a wild floral exhaling its feline beauty through its animal strength …

Revive a myth by offering a wild and delicate scented Panther …

The Panther represents the totem animal of the Cartier house. Indeed, it was during the Roaring Twenties that Louis Cartier chose the panther to imagine jewels, each more splendid than the next, the panther therefore signs the origin of the great international successes of the Cartier house.

In addition, it is linked to the Cartier house in a very intimate way because it was precisely the nickname that Louis Cartier gave to his companion and muse Jeanne Toussaint. Her importance was such that she ran the Cartier house in the 1930s.

The beautiful feline therefore inspired jewelry but also one of the first Cartier perfumes in 1986, obviously named Panthère. However, the author of this first fragrance, Mathilde Laurent , wanted to rework around this legendary feline to offer a second time a panther as feminine and languid as it is wild and powerful. In 2014 Mathilde Laurent created La Panthère.

This panther evokes much more the graceful feline than its predecessor of the 80s. It is also much more contrasted, a little like the strong and fragile woman of the 2000s.

The Panther will be featured in a nighttime film by Sean Ellis, shot in the heart of Paris. We watch for the appearance of the beast until we see a magnificent woman embodied by Erin Wasson. Like the beast moving in a hushed universe, the lady advances under the bridge as if to better watch out for her prey. Finally she turns to us with beautiful camera games and we discover the fascinating gaze of the muse the better to get lost … The Panther has won!

“Every woman conceals a part of felinity and every flower hides animal notes in her heart”. Mathilde Laurent for La Panthère, Cartier.

The Panthère de Cartier, a “floral-fawn”

In addition to its fabulous composition and the breathtaking gaze of its muse, La Panthère is presented in a splendid bottle. The glass block contains in its golden juice a secret image. Indeed, the Cartier house has worked with clear angles to offer a panther hidden behind the amber juice. The panther’s face guides our gazes and brings us to her cabochon crown to remind us of her status as queen.

La Panthère opens with anise-bergamot notes that are as fresh as they are totally surprising. Then the delicacies of jasmine and rose will meet the powerful luminosity of ylang-ylang and orange blossom accords. A gourmet pear will decorate this powerfully flowery heart. Finally the sensuality of patchouli and amber woods meets fluffy white musks to melt us with happiness in these intense wild depths and so deliciously chypre.

“A captivating fragrance that reveals the free and passionate woman. » Cartier for La Panthère .

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