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LA Star Edition of Mon Paris


LA Star Edition of Mon Paris
LA Star Edition of Mon Paris

My Paris Star Edition, when the fragrance of Yves Saint-Laurent begins to sparkle

Of all the stars surrounding our planet, the stars are by far the most fascinating. As author Andreas Eschbach so aptly puts it: “The stars are much more than where we come from. It is also there that we will be called to return one day ”. What is more, they continue to embellish our passage on Earth every night.

Also, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Yves Saint-Laurent decided to make the eyes of your beloved shine. The brand has just developed a brand new version of its iconic Mon Paris perfume , transforming it for the occasion into Mon Paris Star Edition.

The new look of Mon Paris Star Edition

My Paris was not the very first Yves Saint-Laurent perfume to give thanks to the city of the creator. Indeed, Yves Saint-Laurent had a special love for our capital. He saw in her a source of inspiration throughout his career and so he decided to offer her a perfume in 1983, called Paris. This was presented in a bottle similar to a faceted glass globe, “like so many joys that the city of lovers has in store”.

Also, it is precisely its round and sculpted silhouette like a jewel that we find in the Mon Paris collection. The all new Mon Paris Star Edition is designed in thick glass synonymous with quality. Its silhouette is very elaborate and has many facets, a nod to one of the tuxedo jackets dear to Yves Saint-Laurent . Moreover, as if it were an elegant outfit, the bottle of Mon Paris Star Edition is also embellished with a tie neck tie.

This time it is decorated with a black fabric ribbon adorned with a multitude of silver stars. Everything is particularly modern, a bit rock ‘n’ roll. However, Mon Paris Star Edition does not forget its femininity. This perfume uses the transparency of its case to send back to us the limpidity of a flamboyant and very feminine pink juice.

The bewitching scent of the new Yves Saint-Laurent fragrance

Likewise, on the fragrance side, Mon Paris Star Edition is not diametrically opposed to its predecessor, made in 2016 by perfumers Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche and Harry Fremont. This opens with a fresh and sparkling blend of bergamot and red fruits.

Bergamot, a fruit made from a mixture of lemon and bitter orange, brings here a citrus breath. The red fruits, on the other hand, give it a more tangy side. Then, a bewitching and floral heart takes over. My Paris Star Edition lets a blend of opulent jasmine and datura flower explode. The whole thus becomes a true concentrate of femininity, sensuality and daring.

Finally, Mon Paris Star Edition ends with a chiaroscuro game based on the marriage between white musks and patchouli.

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