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La Vie est Belle Bag Vapor


La Vie est Belle Bag Vapor
La Vie est Belle Bag Vapor

The Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Bag Spray, a beauty ally to take everywhere

Perfume is a personal and intimate object which most often reveals the personality of the wearer. La Vie Est Belle thus conveys a message of optimism wherever it goes. He is halfway between the innocence of childhood and the sensuality of an accomplished woman. La Vie Est Belle is a strong and natural juice, seductive but simple, balanced and embodying a free woman. It is a kind of photograph of our time adored by many women all over the planet. Also, in order to fill the latter, Lancôme has developed a Bag Spray containing the fragrance La Vie Est Belle. It could well become your everyday companion that you will be happy to take with you everywhere.

Lancôme’s sensual gluttony

La Vie Est Belle is a juice that contains many seductive ingredients. The latter are seductive, greedy but also rare and noble. In this case, La Vie Est Belle displays a perfect balance between shade and light. On the one hand, many flowers make it a radiant scent. Sambac jasmine releases its opulent richness on the whole. Orange blossom from Tunisia is more Mediterranean. Its radiance is then associated with the powdery and refined tones of the Pallida iris. Fruits also decorate this set. Pear and blackcurrant make La Vie Est Bellea juicy scent and open the way to indulgence. Finally, it all ends with a base that could not be more appetizing. This contains in particular praline, vanilla and tonka bean. La Vie Est Belle is therefore very refined while retaining the childish innocence so much appreciated by women.

The smell in the La Vie Est Belle Bag Spray

Of course, the Lancôme Bag Vaporizer is not intended to transform this iconic scent. In reality, it’s just a question of making life easier for women and offering them to take some of their perfume with them everywhere. Lancôme has thus developed a container that can be filled with 18 ml refills of La Vie Est Belle. The latter turns out to be particularly elegant and displays a slender silhouette, fully tinted with a pink lacquer. The whole is surmounted by a chrome spray echoing a circle belted in its center in the same material. The set is particularly modern and fits easily in your handbag. Thus, it allows you to carry out your scented touch-ups as you wish. The Bag Vaporizer can then be refilled endlessly using small transfer bottles that are sold separately. It could then become your everyday companion, the one who will never leave you and who will sublimate each of your outfits from early morning until evening.

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