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L’Abeille Royale Jour Nutrition, youth care from Guerlain


L'Abeille Royale Jour Nutrition, youth care from Guerlain
L’Abeille Royale Jour Nutrition, youth care from Guerlain

Launched in September 2012, La Ruche, the name chosen by employees for Guerlain’s new make-up care production site, was inaugurated on February 6, 2015. Guerlain’s idea was then to ensure the global production of skin care products and products. Guerlain makeup in a site considered to be the most beautiful, the most effective and the most durable in the world. Also, if the name chosen for this new building echoes the bee, it is all subscription because it has been a symbol of the Guerlain house since the 19th century. Also, in this continuity, Guerlain was inspired by the multiple benefits of the royal bee and concentrated them in a product allowing to fight against the signs of aging: L’Abeille Royale Jour Nutrition.

The benefits of the royal bee as seen by Guerlain

Bee products are among the best natural healing products in the world. This is why the Guerlain house has associated them with its authentic know-how in terms of cosmetology to create exceptional treatments. The research team from the house of Guerlain thus extracted the active power of the royal bee to develop a treatment program with multiple restorative concentrates. Numerous in vitro tests have made it possible to prove the effectiveness of these treatments on the epidermis. The Abeille Royale Nutrition range stimulates the key mechanisms of the healing process within the skin.

Thus, epidermal tissues are continuously repaired, which greatly contributes to reducing the visible signs of aging and to reducing the depth of wrinkles. The Abeille Royale Day Nutrition cream thus allows an immediate and lasting transformation of the appearance of the skin. Day after day, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the face appears smoother, radiant and firmer. Thus, nine out of ten women find their skin transformed after using this product.

The bewitching scent of L’Abeille Royale Jour Nutrition

However, because a Guerlain product would not be worthy of the name without a sublime scent, the Guerlain house called on its appointed perfumer, Thierry Wasser, to develop the scent of this cream. Thus, he has used all his know-how to decorate the L’Abeille Royale Jour Nutrition cream with honeyed, fresh and light scents, marrying wonderfully with daily use while adding a sunny feeling.

Applying Abeille Royale Day Nutrition Cream

Ideally, L’Abeille Royale Jour Nutrition is applied every morning to clean, dry skin. It can be applied in addition to the face care oil or the brand’s Daily Repair serum. It is to be spread from the middle of the face outwards. To firm your face, use the pads of your fingers to apply pressure to the oval of your head. Likewise, to smooth your skin more effectively, tap your fingertips all over your face, but focus more intensely on the areas affected by wrinkles.

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