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L’Absolu Lacquer, new Lancôme lip lacquer


L'Absolu Lacquer, new Lancôme lip lacquer
L’Absolu Lacquer, new Lancôme lip lacquer

Lancôme Absolu Lacquer, the secret to a brilliant smile!

The quintessential embodiment of a woman’s charm asset, her lips are arguably one of her most glamorous attributes. Yes, but there you have it, for the expected effect to be there, you still have to know how to highlight them … The idea is not to choose just any lipstick but rather to adapt your choice according to the natural shape of your smile. If you are looking for a fuller palate, Lancôme Absolu Lacquer is for you! This is one of the latest innovations from Lancôme . Its incomparable shine will make you sparkle with a thousand lights and will constitute the most beautiful of the final touches of a successful make-up …

Shiny lipstick, for which women?

Shiny lipstick has long been abandoned in favor of matte sticks. However, it is currently making its comeback and has something to please more than one woman! It provides satin lips and brings them maximum light. It illuminates not only the mouth but also the rest of the face. Shiny lipsticks have the property of making the smile fuller and strengthening the volume. They are therefore very popular with all women who have thin lips and who want to make them more plump. The Absolu Lacquer responds precisely to this problem and gives both a fresh and romantic allure while accentuating the natural splendor of your smile. It comes in 18 different colored shades and allows you to modulate the intensity of the result in your own way. In one coat, it allows to obtain alight, glossy coverage . In two passes, it offers a wet effect and a vibrant result. Finally, for more intensity, it can be applied in three successive layers.

The intense hydration of Lancôme Absolu Lacquer

In addition to its color, the Absolu Lacquer by Lancôme will seduce you with its hydration concentrate. Indeed, it contains glycerin, an ingredient allowing your mouth to remain comfortable for 8 consecutive hours. Its unique water-in-oil emulsion provides optimal color that does not migrate. Finally, its honeycomb structure guarantees the suppleness of your skin and its comfort while increasing the hold of this new generation formula.

The incomparable hold of the Absolu Lacquer

Lancôme Absolu Lacquer has an incredible hold while preserving an undeniable lightness. The color adjusts and does not lose its intensity over the hours. Finally, know that applying the Absolu Lacquer is a real child’s play! This product is supplied with a precise applicator which adapts perfectly to the shape of the mouth and which allows the chosen color to be gradually modulated. It slides over the lips and is wrung out directly on the edges of the Absolu Lacquer, so as to release only the right amount of product.

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