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Lacoste unveils a box of its Eau de Lacoste Blanc fragrance


Lacoste unveils a box of its Eau de Lacoste Blanc fragrance
Lacoste unveils a box of its Eau de Lacoste Blanc fragrance

The Eau de Lacoste Blanc box set, a sporty fragrance

Lacoste is a brand that has always been closely linked to the world of sport, and more particularly tennis. His Eau de Lacoste Blanc, designed in 2011, incorporates all the codes of this sport and the Lacoste wardrobe. Moreover, its aesthetic is clearly reminiscent of the house polo shirt. Today, Eau de Lacoste Blanc is considered one of the brand’s bestsellers . Men appreciate its simplicity and elegance. Know that the brand has decided to decline its perfume in two new boxes.

The woody and floral scent of Eau de Lacoste Blanc

Eau de Lacoste Blanc is a fragrance devoid of any frills. He goes to the essentials and infuses his energy with simplicity. It begins with an energizing breath of grapefruit and cardamom. Rosemary brings aromatic accents to this fragrance. Then, Eau de Lacoste Blanc evolves towards a more floral heart based on ylang-ylang and tuberose. Its base then becomes more masculine and woody, bringing together cedar and vetiver with a suede accord.

The two Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 boxes.

For even more pleasure, Eau de Lacoste Blanc is now available in two different boxes . The first of them contains the Eau de Lacoste Blanc spray in a 50 ml version accompanied by its deodorant. The second, on the other hand, contains a 100 ml spray bottle, the same deodorant and shower gel from the range. With it, Eau de Lacoste Blanc will accompany your entire toilet ritual, envelop your body in a delicate scent and protect you from perspiration for 24 consecutive hours.

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