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Lady Caron, the renewal of Caron perfumes


Lady Caron, the renewal of Caron perfumes
Lady Caron, the renewal of Caron perfumes

Lady Caron, a fragrant tribute to America

The Caron house is undoubtedly one of the largest French perfume brands. Today, the perfumers who practice their art there are lucky enough to be able to give free rein to their inventiveness. Maison Caron hardly cares about marketing or budgetary constraints. All that matters is the beauty of the finest raw materials and respect for the tradition of luxury perfumery. What’s more, perfume is also a way for Caron to share part of its history with us. This is precisely what the Lady Caron fragrance is all about .

Lady Caron tells us about exile

The Caron house was created in 1904 thanks to the genius of Ernest Daltroff. Of Jewish origin, he was already very famous in 1939, when World War II broke out. He was therefore forced to leave France to protect himself from the Gestapo. Lady Caron is a tribute to this forced exile. This nostalgic scent remembers the story of this great man, of the ocean liner entering New York Harbor facing the sumptuous Statue of Liberty. It is besides this silhouette of steel which is called here Lady Caron. Through this juice, the Maison Caron decided to honor this host country which offered it freedom. On the other hand, this perfume was not made by Ernest Daltroff, but by his grandson, Patrick Alès, at the dawn of the new millennium.

Caron decides to transform his bottle

Initially, Lady Caron was presented in a bottle tribute to the Statue of Liberty. This iconic New York figure was displayed on the front of his bottle, like a sort of cameo. The transparency of her glass gave a glimpse of an amber and golden juice. Today, Lady Caron is displayed in a much more sober and refined bottle. Its shoulders are straight and contrast with a more rounded base. This is a bottle common to all the great classics of the Caron house, whose timelessness and elegance are undeniable.

Lady Caron, a concentrate of white flowers

On the scent side, Lady Caron is a very feminine perfume , endowed with a majestic trail and an unforgettable signature. Lady Caron is an enormous armful of white flowers imposing herself with force and poetry. Particularly feminine, this fragrance is dominated by the presence of jasmine, magnolias and orange blossom. All in clarity, these flowers are also accompanied by more fruity flavors. Lady Caron contains in particular peach and raspberry. The poetry of the whole is further reinforced by the presence of roses. Finally, Lady Caron is also wrapped in a more woody and mysterious trail of oak moss and sandalwood. The result is a very harmonious fragrance, containing all the great classics of women’s perfumery, but still being very original.

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