Lady Emblem L’Eau, the new freshness of Montblanc


Lady Emblem L'Eau, the new freshness of Montblanc
Lady Emblem L’Eau, the new freshness of Montblanc

Talented perfumer, Sonia Constant currently seems at the height of her glory. The latter continues to be talked about in the world of perfumery, and the year 2017 is rich in several of her works. If she has collaborated with the house of Narciso Rodriguez as well as with Viktor & Rolf, we also owe her the latest feminine perfume from Montblanc. In this case, it is a delivery of Lady Emblem in an even fresher and airy format. This one promises to be perfectly suited to hot summer days and is called Lady Emblem L’Eau.

Lady Emblem L’Eau, a perfume with a very refined universe

Like its predecessor, Lady Emblem L’Eau is the perfect echo of the Montblanc jewelry collection bearing the same name. This is made up of rare pieces in white and pink gold, enhanced by diamonds. Given its prestige, the Lady Emblem range can boast of having accompanied the outfits of the greatest of this world. Synonymous with elegance, Lady Emblem thus crystallizes the know-how of artisan jewelers before highlighting that of master perfumers. If this is characterized by an exceptional fragrance, it should be noted that the Lady Emblem range, and in particular the latest Lady Emblem L’Eau, are contained in real jewel bottles cut like precious stones. They have the purity of a diamond. The cork, meanwhile, form a kind of flower in full bloom. This captures the light and creates multiple reflections in the interior of this container as if to better reflect the color of its juice. This time, it has swapped its golden hue of yesteryear for a turquoise glass of absolute poetry. Finally, Lady Emblem L’Eau is also topped with the emblematic five-pointed star of the house of Montblanc.

The floral and fruity fragrance of Montblanc

On the scent side, Sonia Constant has chosen to deliver a more pastel and tender fragrance than before. Lady Emblem L’Eau is inspired by a summer garden when the morning dew still refreshes the flowers. It all begins with a fruity and voluptuous combination of mandarin leaves and white peach. Lychee, meanwhile, brings here a more exotic and sparkling aspect. It paves the way for all the romance of the Lady Emblem collection. If the very first part of this perfume highlighted jasmine, Lady Emblem L’Eau has chosen, for its part, to let float a breath of rose and magnolia. The latter then darken little by little at the level of its base. Lady Emblem L’Eau ends with the woody character of cedar associated with resin. Musk, meanwhile, brings here all its sensuality. Lady Emblem L’Eau turns out to be quite tenacious without becoming heady. Thus, it remains very pleasant even on a hot summer day, without tipping towards the too volatile fragrance.

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