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Lady Million … Follow your wildest fantasies


Lady Million ... Follow your wildest fantasies
Lady Million … Follow your wildest fantasies

Francesco Rabaneda y Cuervo developed a passion for fashion at a very young age. It must be said that he grew up with it, since his mother was a seamstress at Balenciaga. After his architect’s diploma in hand, Francesco joined Roger Model, the leather goods manufacturer, then he worked for Charles Jourdan, the shoemaker, for whom he would design models. In 1966 Francesco presented his first collection entitled “Twelve importable dresses in contemporary materials”, becoming, at the same time, Paco Rabanne. After great olfactory successes, in 2010 the brand unveiled “Lady Million“, the feminine version of “1 Million”.

Gold, a universe of all fantasies

Paco Rabanne has never hidden his love for gold. It began in 1968, when he made a dress for Françoise Hardy, made of 9kg gold plates. From that moment, gold represented for Paco Rabanne, a universe of luxury, royalty, but above all of all fantasies. In 2008, Paco Rabanne unveiled “1 Million”, a fragrance made of gold and seduction. Like the “1 Million” man, it is impossible to resist the charm of “Lady Million”. Here, it is all the women who are honored by the couturier. These will be sublimated by the fragrance “Lady Million”. This will bring them a dose of glamor and chic, but more than anything, “Lady Million” will be their weapon of seduction to lead their conquests in a universe of all fantasies …

Lady Million and its floral notes

It is a trio of talented perfumers who are at the origin of the extraordinary composition of Lady Million, namely Anne Flipo, Béatrice Piquet and Dominique Ropion. “Lady Million” describes itself as a vibrant and sensual essence. “Lady Million” begins with a fruity flight of bitter orange and raspberry. These fruity notes will nevertheless be quickly joined by the luminosity of the neroli. The heart is ultra floral, soft and opulent at the same time, because it associates sambac jasmine, gardenia and orange blossom. The base is woody with patchouli, not without a gourmet touch, thanks to the presence of honey. Like its male counterpart, the “Lady Million” bottle is dressed in a gold hue. Here, it is not an ingot, but a diamond which supports the seductive nectar of “Lady Million”. This is inspired by the famous “Le Régent” diamond kept at the Louvre Museum. With its multifacets that reflect light wonderfully, the bottle is placed at an angle on one of its sides. Ultra scintillating, the bottle of “Lady Million” then becomes the object of all envy.

After “  1 Million  ”, Paco Rabanne unveils “Lady Million”, because the brand likes to pair its fragrances. Seductive and sensual, “Lady Million” sparkles with her gold-colored diamond. Because each woman will inevitably be sublimated with “Lady Million”, the latter will transport you to her very personal world of fantasies.

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