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Lady Million Monopoly, the new Paco Rabanne collector’s perfume


Lady Million Monopoly, the new Paco Rabanne collector's perfume
Lady Million Monopoly, the new Paco Rabanne collector’s perfume

No, spring is not just the season for love! In this case, perfume fans know, it is also the time of year during which many fragrances are made. As such, Paco Rabanne has chosen to deliver a brand new version of his emblematic Lady Million perfume. He notably chose to assemble his pretty diamond with the most famous game on the planet: Monopoly. The dice are cast and Paco Rabanne unveils his latest Lady Million Monopoly.

Lady Million Monopoly’s new visual

If Lady Million Monopoly is presented as being a real novelty, its bottle remains identifiable despite everything. Indeed, it takes the silhouette of its predecessor while embellishing some new features. Lady Million Monopoly takes the shape of a diamond. After all, what more beautiful stone to symbolize women today? In addition, the diamond is both radiant but it is also considered to be the strongest stone in the world. Lady Million Monopoly is thus registered as a perfume synonymous with lust and passion. Carved in multiple facets, this one does not have a bottom to speak of. Thus, Lady Million Monopoly is a perfume that arises from an angle. It only reinforces its original appearance. Its base is transparent and lets us glimpse an amber juice similar to molten gold. Its hood, meanwhile, is covered with a large metal frame similar to gold. If the name of Lady Million Monopoly still sits proudly at the top, it is now accompanied by two dice. These elements are embossed and are a nod to the famous game of Monopoly. What is more, for more refinement, the black dots of the dice have been replaced by an infinity of small shiny stones. So jewelry, perfume, and the game world suddenly seem to be subtly linked.

The unchanged fragrance of Paco Rabanne

If Lady Million Monopoly daringly dares to present us with a new visual, its fragrance remains unchanged. Thus, Paco Rabanne uses the recipe of Anne Flipo, Béatrice Piquet and Dominique Ropion. All of this gives us a vibrant and sensual fragrance, assembling many voluptuous flowers. Lady Million Monopoly begins with a gourmet and invigorating blend of bitter orange and raspberry. Then, his recipe suddenly lights up with neroli and orange blossom. Sambac jasmine, on the other hand, brings more opulence here while the femininity of Lady Million Monopoly shines through the gardenia. The whole is also structured by a patchouli kiss. Finally, Lady Million Monopoly is wrapped in honey, giving us an absolutely inimitable gourmet sensation.

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