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Lady Million Privé, Paco Rabanne’s new diamond


Lady Million Privé, Paco Rabanne's new diamond
Lady Million Privé, Paco Rabanne’s new diamond

In 2008, Paco Rabanne launched a gold bar in the world of perfumery. One Million then embodied the myth of the good life and displayed an olfactory signature as powerful as it was unexpected. Also, he was followed in 2010 by his female alter ego: Lady Million, just as mischievous and subversive. It would seem then that Paco Rabanne wanted to continue this olfactory adventure in 2016. The brand new Lady Million Privé should, indeed, soon see the light of day. It is then already described as being a new invisible adornment synonymous with lust and elegance.

Paco Rabanne and his love for gold

If Lady Million is a perfume that has been talked about since 2010, Paco Rabanne’s love for gold, on the other hand, does not date from yesterday. In addition, this designer describes himself as a great metal lover. It is also in this context that he imagined, in 1968, a dress entirely composed of 9 kg of fine gold plates. It was even encrusted with 300 carats of diamonds at its neckline. This pure creative madness was then intended for the singer Françoise Hardy and alone symbolizes the beginning of the fusional love between gold and Paco Rabanne. In addition, this artistic genius sees in this material a symbol of power, royalty, excess and fantasies. Gold seems to be able on its own to represent the entire universe of the brand. Also, it is in all logic that Paco Rabanne decided to make a perfume of it. Lady Million then became a tribute to the brand’s unbridled creativity. Like him, the new Lady Million Privé portrays us the image of a determined and daring woman, glamorous and flamboyant, dreamy and charismatic. It thus seems to come to life in a sparkling explosion of gold and diamonds.

Who is the new Lady Million Privé?

Also, in order to create this new perfume, Paco Rabanne called on the perfumer Anne Flipo. This designer, graduated from the Institut Supérieur International du Parfum (ISIP) in Versailles, has worked for the biggest brands in the world. For the occasion, she has chosen to deliver an absolutely fascinating and irresistible fragrance to us. Lady Million Privé opens with a luminous and sweet scent of orange blossom. However, this one is embellished with more woody and deep tones, making this essence very sensual and enveloping. Then, Lady Million Privé evolves towards a sweeter and fruity heart.. This highlights a juicy raspberry associated with amended heliotrope and underlined with an exotic touch of vanilla. Finally, Lady Million Privé displays a more intense and delicious trail. Patchouli releases its oriental sensuality while cocoa and honey come together to leave behind a most appetizing scent. Of course, just like its predecessor, Lady Million Privé is contained in a diamond-shaped bottle. However, this one is designed in a darker shade than before. Its amber cap surmounts a transparent base revealing a honeyed juice almost similar to molten gold. The aesthetic of Lady Million Privé then becomes all the more tempting and absolutely refined.

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