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Lady Million the perfume for women


Lady Million the perfume for women
Lady Million the perfume for women

Lady Million is the bling-bling concept taken to its climax … And yet, we must admit that it suits her like a glove! Impossible to resist the golden couple of Paco Rabanne who just have to snap their fingers to get everything they want. But finally, what can this perfume smell besides lust?

Lady Million, a very floral fragrance

Lady Million is a very sensual fragrance made up of many voluptuous flowers. Also, it did not take less to display all his seductive spirit. Its start is on the alliance of bigarade and raspberry. The liveliness then comes up against a burst of gluttony. Then, the orange blossom illuminates the whole with its sun-kissed scent. In this case, it is here associated with the lightness of sambac jasmine and the purity of gardenia. Its background, on the other hand, intensifies again. It delivers the intensity of patchouli but nevertheless comes to appease it with a hint of amber honey. The rendering then becomes particularly addictive and tempting. This has earned it a rapid rise to the top of sales for women’s perfumes. Likewise,

The luxurious bottle of Paco Rabanne

When Paco Rabanne imagined the bottle of Lady Million, he did not skimp on the means. Indeed, even if it means adopting a bling-bling style, you might as well play this card thoroughly. In addition to being gilded, Lady Million’s case is shaped like a diamond. This one appears to be ultra feminine and particularly sparkling. It then becomes a symbol of luxury and lust. It is a particularly worked container whose multiple facets play to reflect the light as if to better dazzle our daily life.

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