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Lady Rem, the new fragrance from Réminiscence


Lady Rem, the new fragrance from Réminiscence
Lady Rem, the new fragrance from Réminiscence

Lady Rem, a concentrate of sensuality signed Reminiscence

Born from a love story in the middle of the 1970s, Reminiscence has been delighting travel and exotic enthusiasts for almost 50 years now. Each of the brand’s creations is very inspired by distant lands. Reminiscence not only makes jewelry but also perfumes. Rem remains one of his bestsellers to this day. Created in 1996, it is reinventing itself today in a whole new form. Focus on Lady Rem , the brand’s newcomer.

Reminiscence, a land of exoticism

Before telling you about the new Lady Rem perfume, let’s start by setting the scene by evoking the origins of the Reminiscence brand. These last ones take us back to the heart of the 70s, when Zoé Coste met Nino Amaddeo. From their instant love was born one of the most exotic luxury brands on the planet. Both passionate about travel, they started out in the making of jewelry and accessories. Quickly, Reminiscence made a name for itself in the world of high-end costume jewelry. It was only later that Reminiscence decided to also focus on perfumery, while keeping the same philosophy: to convey the joy of living and the exotic throughout the world. Today, the company is masterfully managed by Lilla and Sébastien Amaddeo, the children of the founders.

Lady Rem, an infinitely seductive fragrance

Lady Rem offers us a new look at the Reminiscence brand. This time, it’s more about femininity and sensuality. It’s a bit as if Reminiscence offered us the vision of a sublimated woman, like that of Zoé Coste seen through the loving gaze of Nino Amaddeo. The result is a surge of floral and animal notes. Lady Rem encourages you to indulge in a new sensuality. This is an infinitely feminine fragrance, a real invitation to dream. Lady Rem is like a delicate romance and almost erotic embrace. Lady Rem begins with a modern and fruity femininity based on raspberries. His heart, meanwhile, becomes more luminous and solar. Orange blossom is relayed by a chypre accord. This is when the favorite ingredient of the house Reminiscence comes into play.: patchouli. Finally, Lady Rem ends with a more daring background of leather and tobacco.

Lady Rem gets a new bottle

On the bottle side, here again, Lady Rem surprises us with her daring and innovative spirit. With him, everything is a question of oppositions. A cylindrical base opposes a more cubic shaped cap. Two very distinct colors face each other. On the one hand, Lady Rem offers us a white synonymous with purity. On the other hand, her pink color is the perfect echo of all her femininity. We are far from the usual blue bottles of the brand. Definitely, it seems that Reminiscence has not finished surprising us, both in terms of scent and design.

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