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L’Air du Ciel the latest perfume Nina Ricci


L'Air du Ciel the latest perfume Nina Ricci
L’Air du Ciel the latest perfume Nina Ricci

L’Air du Ciel by Nina Ricci, when the last light of day invites itself into a perfume

The Nina Ricci house is one of the most famous brands in France. Since 1932, Nina Ricci has been promoting the image of French elegance throughout the world. Its perfumes are the work of exceptional know-how and each time we have a different story filled with poetry. Among the most famous fragrances of the brand, L’Air du Temps occupies a special place, even though it was created in the aftermath of the war, in 1948. It evokes the rediscovered peace and the permanent innovation of its time. Its message still fully relevant, L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci is being renewed in a brand new edition. Focus on L’Air du Ciel, a poetic evocation of the last light of day.

L’Air du Ciel by Nina Ricci, a romantic image of the pink rays of the sun

With this new 2019 fragrance , Nina Ricci gives us an infinitely poetic image: that of the sky still lit by a few rays of the sun, but whose glow is gradually fading to make room for night. “The pink and orange rays mingle with the blue of the sky and the wadded white of the clouds. The azure is metamorphosed as day gradually gives way to night. The radiance of the sun imperceptibly declines in a caressing light. The evening breeze tempers the afternoon heat. An ephemeral interlude, whose particular atmosphere seems to infuse his new olfactory creation, L’Air du Ciel has the poetry of suspended moments ”. The image is beautiful and is addressed to an elegant woman, possessing the sweetness of a tender moment that one would like to immortalize forever.

When the colors of the rainbow take hold of Nina Ricci’s bottle

The perfume L'Air du Ciel Nina Ricci
The perfume L’Air du Ciel Nina Ricci

Of course, the bottle of L’Air du Ciel is undoubtedly reminiscent of that of L’Air du Temps. It is similar to a crystal tourbillon, the shape of which was initially imagined by Marc Lalique in 1951. Two chiseled doves overhang the whole. Allegories of love and tenderness, they give here the illusion of unstoppable happiness and transmit a universal message. For this edition called L’Air du Ciel, this bottle now takes on the colors of a sunset. In its gradient, pink, yellow and blue tones intermingle. Finally, a ring bearing the initials of Nina Ricci brings a final touch of luminosity to the entire composition.

The freshness of twilight takes hold of L’Air du Ciel

For this new edition, Nina Ricci called on perfumers Louise Turner and Natalie Cetto. Both have tried to symbolize the freshness of the air at the very moment when night takes precedence over day. Concretely, this is characterized first of all by a fresh and citrus blend of bergamot, tangerine and petitgrain. Orange blossom then illuminates the whole and makes the fragrance more enveloping. The freshness of L’Air du Ciel thus seems to rise to the firmament, before being enveloped in a more gourmet and addicting honey. Tonka bean and bitter almond finish to sublimate this composition of sweetness, while a cloud of cottony white musks settles in its wake.

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