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L’Air du Temps L’Aube


L'Air du Temps Dawn
L’Air du Temps Dawn

L’Air Du Temps L’Aube, a great classic by Nina Ricci revisited

There are perfumes that are said to be timeless. Also, if there is one of them who has tamed women from generation to generation with its romantic scent, it is undoubtedly L’Air Du Temps by Nina Ricci. This one knew how to move the women of the whole planet by its sensitivity. However, it will return soon, by December, in a new version called L’Air Du Temps L’Aube. Focus on this unique fragrance announced as a soft, intimate and sensual juice.

L’Air Du Temps L’Aube, a fragrance by Calice Becker

In order to create this olfactory revisit, the house Nina Ricci called on the perfumer Calice Becker. The latter is particularly recognized in the world of perfumery, in particular for its ability to create real bestsellers such as niche fragrances. A true artist, she draws her inspiration from painting, pastry making and music, and her poetry is felt from the first scent of L’Air Du Temps L’Aube. This essentially revolves around the scent of Damascus rose. A flower widely used in fine perfumery, it is a prestigious plant whose spoon is particularly delicate. This is done by hand according to ancestral know-how. The rose is then picked at dawn and its flowers are then distilled within 24 hours so as not to lose their fragrance.L’Air Du Temps L’Aube also takes care of iris, one of the most expensive raw materials in all perfumery. This leaves behind its complex and persistent scent, at the same time powdery, woody, mulched and buttery. The lily, meanwhile, gives this feminine scent a sweet and delicately spicy scent. This effect is also relayed by the carnation, whose floral scent strangely resembles that of cloves. Finally, it all wraps up in amber, a balsamic accord widely used in perfumery, especially in oriental juices.

Nina Ricci’s new bottle

Bien entendu, il était hors de question pour Nina Ricci de métamorphoser son flacon culte alors qu’il s’agit là d’un parfum hommage. L’Air Du Temps L’Aube est donc contenu dans l’emblématique écrin confectionné par Marc Lalique en 1951. Celui-ci repose sur une base formant un tourbillon de cristal. La transparence de cette dernière nous dévoile ici la couleur jaune pale de son jus. Cet effet est alors très évocateur de la couleur du soleil à l’aube. Le tout est surmonté de l’emblématique bouchon en forme de deux colombes ciselées. Néanmoins, à l’occasion de la sortie de L’Air Du Temps L’Aube, ces dernières se sont habillées de plumes. Cette transformation est l’œuvre de la Maison Lemar. D’un blanc limpide, le flacon de L’Air Du Temps L’Aube devient ainsi un symbole de pureté. Il est chargé de grâce et de sensibilité, véhiculant un véritable message d’amour et de tendresse.

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