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L’Air du Temps Twilight


L'Air du Temps Twilight
L’Air du Temps Twilight

When Twilight is gradually gaining L’Air Du Temps by Nina Ricci

L’Air Du Temps is a perfume that saw the light of day in 1948. It immediately conquered the fairer sex with its sensitivity, its lightness and its floral heart. He perfectly embodied the post-war renewal and joy while having been able to follow the evolution of society from generation to generation until reaching us today. Also, on the occasion of the 2016 end-of-year celebrations, the Nina Ricci house decided to spoil its fans by developing a new version called Le Crépuscule. This one is described as being “narcotic, rich and sumptuous”. A little patience, it will be available in a 100 ml format in a few weeks …

The smell of Twilight as seen by Nina Ricci

Night has many facets. She is both mysterious and dark while being tender and poetic. Also, this is precisely what Nina Ricci wanted to offer us in her fragrance L’Air Du Temps Le Crépuscule. To do this, she called on the perfumer Calice Baker, a key figure in current perfumery, capable of creating both best-sellers and niche fragrances. She is a true artist who is just as fond of the world of painting and pastry as that of music. Also, it is there that she draws her inspiration to transmit us works always charged with emotions. Here she has opted for the use of a queen flower of the night, known not to reveal its scent to us until nightfall. This is accompanied by the carnation, a rich and complex plant with a floral note accentuated on one side and spicy, strangely similar to that of cloves. The ylang ylang nevertheless softens the whole thing. This plant growing on a shrub in Madagascar is at the same time powdery, floral and almost leathery. In a certain sense, it would almost be reminiscent of the flavor of jasmine. Finally, L’Air Du Temps Le Crépuscule ends with a base of vanilla, a sweet, balsamic and exotic ingredient.

The sumptuous bottle of L’Air Du Temps Le Crépuscule

Finally, as a tribute in its own right, Le Crépuscule perfectly reappropriates the aesthetic of L’Air Du Temps perfume.of yesteryear. If it had first been presented in a bottle in the shape of an oval sun, it was redesigned in 1951 by Marc Lalique. The creator then imagined a sculpted crystal base surmounted by two doves, symbols of peace particularly welcome in the aftermath of the war. Also, the whole has been preserved. Nevertheless, it traded in its transparency and its crystalline white of yesteryear for a dark blue very evocative of the night. Similarly, Maison Lemar has affixed its personal touch to this setting. The wings of doves are now covered with feathers. In this version, they match the midnight blue of the rest of this container. The whole is like a sky gradually won over by the darkness of the evening for an absolutely fascinating and very poetic rendering.

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