Lalique – Black Ink


Lalique - Black Ink
Lalique – Black Ink

Between Shadows and Lights, Black Ink for Men

At the beginning of the 90s, the venerable Lalique house chose after decades of manufacturing perfumed bottles to make its own perfumes. The very first Lalique perfume will be soberly named Lalique and will offer us a universe as refined as Lalique crystal was.

When the Lalique house, after brilliant feminine opuses, took an interest in men’s perfumery, it gave all creative power to the perfumer magician Nathalie Lorson to create a fragrance for men as elegant and racy as the pretty Perles she had just created. for women. Passionate about vetiver essences, the perfumer composed a woody and racy symphony called Encre Noire. She will also cite this pretty Black Ink as one of her favorite perfumes.

“Encre Noire is one of my favorites. […] Regarding Encre Noire, I took great pleasure in working with it because it was in a very qualitative context with the possibility of research with great freedom. I am well aware that it is a real luxury. Encre Noire is also a new way of writing vetiver, an idea that was close to my heart! »Nathalie Lorson, creator of Encre Noire de Lalique.

Encre Noire will therefore be the perfume of a man with a mysterious and sensual character, who will leave his indelible imprint on the strength of his daring and disturbing trail. As a result, Encre Noire’s advertising will be dressed in a chic, nocturnal black and white “coat” to highlight the elegance of this Encre Noire man to whom nothing can resist.

One vetiver, two vetivers and a magic trick by Nathalie Lorson for Encre Noire by Lalique…

All Lalique perfume bottles are necessarily works of art and often refer to the legendary creations of the venerable crystal house. Thus the bottle of Encre Noire pays tribute to the Biches Inkwell which was designed in 1913 by the greatest glass artist of the time René Lalique. The refinement of the wooden stopper like the smoked glass of the “perfumed inkwell” offers Black Ink in a virile and oh so elegant glass.

For Encre Noire, Nathalie Lorson wrote a vetiver symphony playing on the chiaroscuro of the vetivers of Bourbon and Haiti. Encre Noire opens first with an aromatic and fresh, almost spicy note of cypress, which will combine for the best with the famous Firmenich note of methyl grapefruit. Then, at the heart, the comfortable and penetrating Bourbon vetiver will blend with the smoky, mysterious and enveloping Haitian vetiver. Musks and cashmere wood will come to create the absolutely divine wake of this Black Ink man who has definitely not finished bewitching us with his beautiful writing!

In order to continue to write Encre Noire’s path covered with success, attractive variations of this new woody script will subsequently emerge, such as Encre Noire pour Elles or Encre Noire Sport. The woody swirls of this modern and deep vetiver have not finished surprising us!

“ENCRE NOIRE, A hymn to vetiver, a praise of modernity for a perfume of character signed with Black Ink. »Lalique for Encre Noire.

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Strong, masculine, elegant, from the origins of the brand and its creator René Lalique. The line is absolutely sober. The mixture of noble materials, real solid wood and black crystal, gives it its modernity. A refined, elitist fragrance, developed around high quality natural raw materials. A line for the man of the 21st century: Classic, Chic.

Perfume – Black Ink:

Lalique - Black Ink - Pub
Lalique – Black Ink – Pub

Captivating, noble and majestic materials… A magnetic essence, a sumptuous promise of virility and sensuality… A trail that is both elegant and racy, with an unforgettable imprint… Encre Noire, a biased fragrance, a hymn to Vétyver… A body vibrant, combining the mysterious notes of Vétyver Bourbon and Vétyver Haiti with the warm and enveloping notes of Cashmere Wood and Musks. A perfume of character, signed with Black Ink …

Eau de Toilette – Black Ink:

The Eau de Toilette is adorned with a luxurious square of transparent black glass with a reassuring build, closed by a heavy wenge wood stopper, on which the LALIQUE logo is engraved.

Ultimate refinement, the grain of the black case takes up the relief of Wenge wood and the name is elegantly displayed on a shiny black ink ribbon.

Crystal Bottle – Black Ink:

Lalique - Black Ink - Crystal Bottle
Lalique – Encre Noire – Flacon Cristal

Masculin, Luxueux, Sobre : Flacon Cristal Masculin Lalique.

Un flacon carré mystérieux en cristal noir imaginé à partir de l’œuvre de René Lalique. L’encrier d’Encre Noire est inspiré du célèbre « Encrier Biches » créé en 1913.

Ce bloc de cristal pur et massif est fermé à l’ancienne grâce à un bouchage à l’émeri. En effet, chaque col de flacon est rodé, permettant d’accueillir son propre bouchon en cristal noir et assurant ainsi une étanchéité parfaite. Le tout est surmonté d’un capot en véritable Wengé massif.

Le flacon est présenté dans une magnifique boîte en laque.

Bougie – Encre Noire :

Lalique - Black Ink - Candle
Lalique – Encre Noire – Bougie

Lalique Parfums entre dans la maison avec une nouvelle collection de bougies parfumées présentées dans des écrins raffinés. Sillages olfactifs et couleurs emblématiques font respectivement écho à cinq lignes féminines et une ligne masculine.

Lalique - Black Ink - Advertising
Lalique – Encre Noire – Publicité

Encre Noire, un hymne au vétiver, un éloge de la modernité pour un parfum de caractère signé à l’Encre Noire.

Parfum Homme

Famille Olfactive : Boisé – Aromatique

Notes de Tête : Cyprès.

Notes de Coeur : Vétiver Bourbon, Vétiver Haïti.

Notes de Fond : Bois de Cachemire,  Musc.

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