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Lalique – Lalique by Lalique


Lalique - Lalique by Lalique
Lalique – Lalique by Lalique

When Lalique creates perfumes from its beautiful bottles …

Who does not know the venerable house of glass and crystal Lalique? René Lalique began to create jewelry and artistic works at the end of the 19th century. However, it is his meeting with the great perfumer René Coty who will direct most of the career of the master glassmaker who has now become, and for a very long time, THE creator of fine perfume bottles of the time .

By industrializing the production of glassware in Alsace, he founded the Lalique house which, in addition to the creation of perfume bottles for Molinard, Roger and Gallet or Coty, will become a master in the creation of art deco style glass. The sublime works for the Normandie or even the Pullman Express, remain references in the field.

When René Lalique died, his son Marc took over, this time working with crystal. However, during the 90s, the sale of glassware is no longer at its peak and the descendant of René Lalique, Marie-Claude Lalique, decides to be tempted by what seemed most natural to her: perfumery of course!

This is how the pretty Lalique will be the very first perfume created by the Lalique perfume house in 1992. A true blend of historical traditions and olfactory modernities, Lalique de Lalique will mark the unequivocal success of Lalique both in the beauty of the bottle and in its the beauty of the perfume. The Lalique house is positioned from its entry into perfumery, as a selective house that does not seek to sell perfume at all costs but to compose wonderful scented works, whatever the time required for the work.

Lalique de Lalique will therefore enjoy, as an advertising campaign, “only” beautiful sober and elegant photographic visuals highlighting the refined aesthetic of its bottle. Nothing more. Lalique de Lalique is self-sufficient and the sales of this first perfume will vehemently prove it!

Lalique de Lalique, a radiant fragrance between delicate flowers and daring fruits

Now cult, the Lalique house offers each year new wonderful limited edition bottles to dress this luminous and so feminine fragrance. These include the splendid Lalique de Lalique “Libellule” bottle from 2013, the “Plume” bottle from 2015, the “Anémone” bottle from 2016 or even the very recent “Séduction” crystal bottle from the Lalique collection from 2018.

Whatever the case, the original Lalique “honeysuckle” bottle by Lalique, created in 1992 and designed by Marie-Claude Lalique herself, it is nonetheless brilliant with artistic creativity!

As for the composition of Lalique by Lalique developed by Sophia Grojsman, it offers us as soon as it enters its scents a flight of delicate flowers. Composed around notes of Bulgarian roses, jasmine, the floral head notes are married to a luxurious and powdery iris as well as, more surprisingly, a spicy wallflower. At the heart are the fruits that come to “pick” us with their scents of wild blackberries, pear and blackcurrant leaves. The depths are woody thanks to the sandalwood but also delicious with the vanilla which will be enveloped with delight in cottony white musks.

Created in 1992, the Lalique de Lalique line is the first perfume of our house, a true timeless institution, for an elegant woman, refined and passionate about art.

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Perfume – Lalique de Lalique:

Lalique de Lalique, a musky floral.

Lalique - Lalique de Lalique - Perfume
Lalique – Lalique de Lalique – Perfume

A feminine and radiant fragrance born from a surge of flowers, it is extended by slightly fruity notes.

Its vanilla and musky notes reveal its power of seduction.

The bottles and caps delicately outlined in gold make it a luxurious and prestigious line. Available in Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum.

Candle – Lalique by Lalique:

Lalique - Lalique de Lalique - Candle
Lalique – Lalique de Lalique – Candle

Lalique Parfums entre dans la maison avec une nouvelle collection de bougies parfumées présentées dans des écrins raffinés.

Sillages olfactifs et couleurs emblématiques font respectivement écho à cinq lignes féminines et une ligne masculine.

Lalique Le Perfume, un grand classique intemporel dévoile des notes Orientales Modernes.

Parfum Femme

Famille Olfactive : Floral – Musqué

Notes de Tête : Essence de Rose, Jasmin, Giroflée, Iris.

Notes de Coeur : Feuille de Cassis, Mûre Sauvage, Poire.

Notes de Fond : Santal Mysore, Vanille, Muscs Blanc.

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