Lalique – Lalique pearls


Lalique - Lalique pearls
Lalique – Lalique pearls

Pearls or the modern chypre wind of Lalique

René Lalique then Marc and Marie-Claude Lalique have known how to become in a century the absolute masters of glass and crystal work. From monumental creations to countless glass bottles shaped for the greatest perfume houses, Lalique has brought its legendary creativity to the service of our bottles. However, the 90s marked a decisive turning point for the house: Marie-Claude Lalique decided, after having worked for perfume bottles for years , to make her own perfumes.

Lalique, Tendre Kiss or Lalique le Parfum will be created with the same concern for elegance and refinement as for all other Lalique creations. Then comes the beautiful and so feminine Perles which not only pays homage to a sublime creation by René Lalique, the “Cactus” powder box from 1928, but draws the perfumed face of a deep and refined woman, sensual and spicy.

Perles thus plays with the quality of its raw materials to breathe a chypre breeze which at the same time carries us towards the Roaring Twenties of the Lalique compact while offering us the brilliance of an extremely modern and furiously original composition.

Lalique - Perles de Lalique - Eau de Parfum
Lalique – Perles de Lalique – Eau de Parfum

Like the rustle of an opulent boa, Perles leaves a graceful but nonetheless present trail without the need for publicity to make itself known. A daring risk, but assumed, on the part of the Lalique house, which prefers the confidentiality of large scented creations, so to speak of “niche” to a commercial opulence that would definitely not resemble it at all!

“Soft and caressing on the skin like a pearl necklace, an olfactory imprint created by Nathalie Lorson. »Lalique for Perles.

Lalique and its perfumed pearl that bewitches …

How can we imagine that the great house Lalique could create a common bottle for one of its scented creations? Impossible, and the pretty bottle of Perles is one of the most obvious witnesses. The white frosted crystal goes wonderfully with the series of “pearls” which elegantly border the outline of the bottle. As for the cabochon all dressed in white, it brings a touch of modernity to this deliciously retro set.

Perles was composed by Nathalie Lorson as an elixir of love and femininity. We will hardly be surprised then by the wind of roses which intoxicates us from the top notes thanks to the essence of Bulgarian rose. Iris brings a powdery freshness to its roses that is both luxurious and a touch of retro. In the heart, hot and hot pepper joins the amber and exotic notes of a powerful patchouli. Finally, cashmere woods bring to the depths of Perles a woody and racy intensity that is totally irresistible.

“An alluring and subtle potion, between frou-frou and boudoir. Perles de Lalique, an intimate and mischievous name, for a fine , slightly libertine and very feminine fragrance . A wake nod to the Roaring Twenties but to assumed modernity. »Lalique for Perles.

A product of infinite femininity. A pure but refined design, drawn from the treasures created by René Lalique.

Sober and refined, the line is black and white. An extremely refined and feminine elitist fragrance.

Perfume – Perles de Lalique:


Lalique - Perles de Lalique - Pub
Lalique – Perles de Lalique – Pub

Perles de Lalique is a perfume structured in 5 facets that respond to each other.
It is a modern chypre with a refined structure which features very beautiful qualities of raw materials.
Poivre Bourbon, originally from Réunion, was chosen for its spicy and floral facet. It infuses the perfume with a cheeky vibration and a dazzling energy that reasons impertinence.
The valley of roses, in Bulgaria, offers perfumery one of its finest materials. The Essence of Bulgarian Rose, both intense and subtle, gives the fragrance femininity and generosity. Its delicacy is similar to the velvety of its petals and its intensity to the depth of its essence.
La Concrète d’Iris signs the fragrance with a very sensual powdery facet. The voluptuousness of this noble and precious material inscribes the perfume in the universe of a sensuality on edge.
The chypre facet is built around a patchouli of exceptional quality. The leaves, harvested on the island of Sumatra (Indonesia) are selected and dried in the rules of the art in order to obtain all the depth and intensity of patchouli.
The Bois de Cashemire accord completes the 4 facets of Perles de Lalique with a touch of elegance and refinement.

Eau de Parfum – Perles de Lalique:

Lalique - Perles de Lalique - Crystal Bottle
Lalique – Perles de Lalique – Crystal Bottle

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La boîte à poudre libre Cactus inspire un flacon aux lignes épurées en cristal poli-dépoli.

Les perles de verre venant border ses contours sont rehaussées des fameuses pointes cactus onyx.

L’étui, raffiné et finement grainé comme un vélin immaculé, est ourlé d’un motif gaufré. Sur ce ruban, ton sur ton, bordé de perles de verre aux fameuses pointes cactus, apparaît le nom du Perfume, en noir sur blanc.

Flacon Cristal – Perles de Lalique :

Réelle ode au travail de René Lalique.

La création s’inspire de la boîte à poudre « Cactus » créée par René Lalique en 1928.

Lalique - Perles de Lalique - Candle
Lalique – Perles de Lalique – Bougie

L’extrait se loge dans une boule en cristal opale au bouchon précieusement émaillé à la main et coiffé de plumes noires mouchetées de blanc.

Ce flacon est produit par nos maîtres verriers dans l’usine Lalique de Wingen sur Moder.

Bougie – Perles de Lalique :

Lalique Parfums entre dans la maison avec une nouvelle collection de bougies parfumées présentées dans des écrins raffinés.

Sillages olfactifs et couleurs emblématiques font respectivement écho à cinq lignes féminines et une ligne masculine.

Perles de Lalique, une ode à l’éternel féminin met en scène un Chypre Moderne.

Crème Corps – Perles de Lalique :


Lalique - Perles de Lalique - Body Cream
Lalique – Perles de Lalique – Crème Corps

Fidèle à la signature des parfums Lalique, cette nouvelle crème riche et parfumée pour le corps sublime la peau et prolonge le sillage de la fragrance tout au long de la journée.

Ce soin, savoureux et généreux, enrichi en glycérine végétale, noyaux d’abricot et vitamine e fond sur la peau sans laisser de film gras et procure une sensation de confort intense.

Pour des moments de plaisirs raffinés, cette crème d’exception dans son écrin luxueux est à découvrir pour les lignes Encre noire pour Elle, Amethyst, Perles de Lalique, Lalique le Parfum et Lalique de Lalique.

Parfum Femme

Famille Olfactive : Chypré – Floral

Notes de Tête : Rose Bulgare, Iris.

Notes de Coeur : Poivre Bourbon, Patchouli.

Notes de Fond : Bois de Cachemire.

Retrouvez le au meilleur prix chez notre partenaire parfum : Perles de LaliqueFragrenza Perfumes, ainsi que tout les parfums Lalique.

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