Lalique Seduction Cristal Limited Edition 2017


Lalique Seduction Cristal Limited Edition 2017
Lalique Seduction Cristal Limited Edition 2017

Seduction Cristal Limited Edition 2017, the new scented jewel from Lalique

Each year, the Lalique house honors us with an extraordinary olfactory conception. Indeed, the brand pays tribute to its prestigious past of exceptional glassmaking by developing fragrances with particularly refined bottles. In this sense, Lalique has just presented its brand new juice to us for the year 2018. This one is called Seduction Cristal Limited Edition 2017 and already promises to delight collectors and art lovers in general.

The tradition of Lalique bottles

The tradition of Lalique crystal bottleswas initiated by Marie-Claude Lalique, a worthy descendant of René Lalique, founder of the brand in 1888. With the launch of this collection, Marie-Claude wanted above all to celebrate the birth of the brand’s first feminine perfume while making a nod to Lalique’s prestigious past as a glassmaker. Initially, Lalique’s crystal bottles were intended only for the fairer sex. Men had to wait until 1997 to see their perfumes also curl up in these exceptional containers. Each of Lalique’s crystal bottles is signed, limited and numbered. Thus, their rarity makes them exceptional objects that collectors are snapping up. Lalique’s limited editions elevate the art of flaconnage to its highest peak. Most of the time, they are inspired by works by René Lalique while bringing them a touch of modernity. They assemble the most beautiful craft techniques and give us a perfect mastery of crystal work. Often figurative, these containers give thanks to the incredible professionalism of the master glassmakers of the Lalique crystal factory located in Alsace. They are real prowess in terms of achievement.

The new fragrance of Seduction Cristal Limited Edition 2017

Nevertheless, Seduction Cristal Limited Edition 2017 would be nothing without a scent to match its visual. Seduction Cristal Edition Limitée 2017 is a very feminine fragrance. Moreover, this is clearly felt in the rosy visual of its bottle. This juice combines several iconic ingredients of women’s perfumery. It opens with an elegant bouquet of flowers containing Bulgarian rose and jasmine. Thus, he mixes opulence and romanticism to make our imagination wander in a universe of the most poetic. However, the Seduction Cristal Limited Edition 2017 woman does not lack character and displays her impertinence in spicy wallflower. The powdery iris, on the other hand, reaffirms the natural elegance of the Lalique woman. The heart of Seduction Cristal Edition Limitée 2017 is therefore more fruity. He combines blackcurrant leaves, blackberries and pear. Finally, the whole is wrapped in a more tender and woody trail. Mysore sandalwood clearly dominates the whole. It is accompanied by Bourbon vanilla from Reunion Island. Its syrupy aspect blends wonderfully with amber notes while the white musks let an airy sensation float in their path, like that of a freshly washed linen.

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