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Lancaster Sun Beauty Non-Greasy Milky Spray


Lancaster Sun Beauty Non-Greasy Milky Spray
Lancaster Sun Beauty Non-Greasy Milky Spray

Specialized in leather goods for 23 years, the Lancaster brand stands out from other major brands by the quality of the products it offers to its customers. In order to maintain a chic and luxurious range of products, Lancaster makes a point of carefully choosing its raw materials. She will opt, for example, for full grain grained cowhide leather which remains a flexible, solid, waterproof and ultra chic material. Lancaster also uses other materials such as nylon to boost endurance and optimize the aesthetics of its handbags. Here, Lancaster presents its “Sun Beauty Non-Greasy Milky Spray”.

Lancaster Spray Lacté Non Gras Sun Beauty, the effectiveness of a high-performance sun spray

While the sun is perfect for morale, its radiation has destructive effects on the skin ranging from solar erythema to accelerated skin aging and, unfortunately, skin cancer. You should know that sun exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer. UV radiation depends on the surface that diffuses it, snow will reflect 80% of UV radiation, sand 15%, water 25%. At 40 cm deep underwater, exposure to UV radiation is still 40%, so you have to protect yourself in all circumstances. Lancaster “Sun Beauty Non-Greasy Milky Spray”is a non-greasy milky sun spray SPF30, a new generation spray in sun protection. Beyond UVA and UVB filters, the infrared technology of your Lancaster spray will neutralize the infrared rays responsible for aging of the skin. Its milk spray is light and non-greasy for your body. It is perfect for light to medium skin tones. A protection factor of 30 will allow you to tan at your own pace, in all beauty and in complete safety.

Lancaster Non-Greasy Milky Spray Sun Beauty, advice for use

In order to optimize your Lancaster milk spray, it is recommended to apply it generously to the body before exposure to the sun and to renew the application regularly. Protect yourself even in the water, because, remember that it reflects UV rays. Repeat the spray application after each swim, or in case of heavy sweating, once your skin is dry.

Lancaster “Spray Lacté Non Gras Sun Beauty” is a light and non-greasy spray. With its SPF 30 protection index, it effectively protects your body from UVA and UVB rays, wherever you are. Easy to apply, it is available in an orange-colored pump-bottle with a content of 150 ml.

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