Lancôme Absolue Revitalizing Eye Care


Ansolue Revitalizing Eye Care by Lancôme
Ansolue Revitalizing Eye Care by Lancôme

The Absolute Revitalizing Eye Care, the Lancôme treatment that preserves all the youthfulness of your beauty

Preserving all the beauty of your skin over time is a difficult task that requires daily attention. Indeed, the epidermis is a rich and complex tissue that must be taken care of on a daily basis to maintain its radiance over the long term. In addition, some parts of the body are even more fragile than others and require the use of special care. This is the case with the eye contour. Fragile and very busy, it tends to show signs of aging more quickly. To preserve it as much as possible, Lancôme has developed a global Absolue treatment for beauty and youth : the Absolute Revitalizing Eye Care.

Absolute Revitalizing Eye Care, to reveal the radiance of your eyes

Lancôme Absolute Revitalizing Eye Care is aimed at all women looking for a regenerating product that reveals radiance. It adapts to all skin types and is suitable for all women, regardless of their age. Respectful of the skin and the most fragile, it is designed based on natural ingredients and fragrance-free. It concentrates on its own all the regenerative power of the skin and fights in a single pass the 4 key signs of aging, namely wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and dull complexion. The perfect embodiment of Lancôme know-how, Absolute Revitalizing Eye Care is both innovative and soothing. It displays remarkable regenerating efficiency and combines multiple benefits in a single formula. Day after day, it fades signs of fatigue and wrinkles. Since then, the gaze regains its youth. He looks brighter, younger and more tired.

Why take care of the eye area?

If Lancôme has designed the Absolute Revitalizing Eye Care , it is quite simply to adapt to the specific characteristics of this part of your face. Indeed, at the level of the eyes, the skin is on average five times thinner than on the other areas of your face. In addition, it is also very poor in elastin, collagen and in sebaceous and sweat glands. Despite this fragility, the skin of the eyes is severely tested. Connected to 22 muscles, it also undergoes 10,000 eyelid movements on average per day, which greatly weakens it! To help it protect itself from all these attacks, the Absolute Revitalizing Eye Care reinforces its natural defenses and acts as a daily relief treatment.

Lancôme Absolute Revitalizing Eye Care is used on cleansed skin, ideally in the morning and evening. From then on, you just have to intoxicate yourself with the creamy softness of its formula, by applying a simple dab of cream to the tip of your finger, and by performing a light circular massage from the inside to the outside of your look.

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