Lancôme Brow Densify Powder-To-Cream new for eyebrows


Lancôme Brow Densify Powder-To-Cream new for eyebrows
Lancôme Brow Densify Powder-To-Cream new for eyebrows

Make up your eyebrows with the innovative formula of Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream by Lancôme

Enhancing your eyes is an essential basis for successful makeup. Besides the traditional eyeshadows and mascaras, know that there are new products that are intended more specifically for your eyebrows. Indeed, making up this part of your gaze is essential to obtain more intensity in your gaze and to better structure your face. If this sounds simple, there are nevertheless a few basics to know, so as not to fall into a lack of taste. To help you give your face more personality and enhance your eyebrow line, Lancôme has invented a new generation product : Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream.

The revolutionary formula of Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream by Lancôme

Until now, most beauty brands were satisfied with a simple pencil to make up your eyebrows. Lancôme is now going further and allowing you to obtain particularly stunning 3D results. Its Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream has a unique texture. Its powder formula transforms into a creamy texture on contact with your skin. Therefore, it fills your eyebrows with intensity and provides a totally stunning 3D effect. Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream is the essential tool for filling sparse eyebrows and erasing all small hair irregularities. Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream also offers an adjustable result, allowing you to obtain a very natural or, on the contrary, much more daring makeup.

The different colors offered by Lancôme

Lancôme Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream is available in many colors . Thus, its color is closer to that of your natural hairs. As a result, Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream makes it possible to obtain a completely bluffing and almost invisible make-up. To choose your shade correctly, know that it is recommended to choose a Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream whose color is a shade darker than that of your hair.

How to properly apply Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream?

The Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream tip is specifically designed to guarantee absolute precision. So, doing makeup like a professional will seem natural to you! Start by brushing your eyebrows firstin the direction of your hair. This will allow you to discipline them and better identify which are the sparse areas that need makeup. Then apply Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream in a thin line, in the center of your eyebrows. This step simply allows the material to be deposited. Finally, blend the product up and down, so as to cover your entire hairy surface. The result will only become more natural. If you want a more daring result, do not hesitate to repeat the applications, until you obtain the desired shade. Note that Lancôme Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream is perfectly resistant to perspiration and is guaranteed to be transfer-free. Thus, it displays a long-lasting hold.

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