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The fragrance of Gentleman Only …


The fragrance of Gentleman Only ...
The fragrance of Gentleman Only …

Gentleman Only displays an elegant and refined trail. It is a classic perfume for men using particularly noble and rigorously selected raw materials. He embodies the masculine ideal of the 21st century, at the same time charming, elegant and authentic.

The gentleman of Givenchy

Being a gentleman cannot be invented. It is a true art and a clever mixture of elegance, assurance and casualness. A gentleman is recognizable at a glance. He displays a perfectly fitted jacket, a devastating look and a detached smile at the corners of his lips. His walk is assured and the gaze of women on him instantly betrays his seductive side. Also, the outfit of the latter would be nothing without a subtle hint of Gentleman Only … Givenchy clearly plays in the register of elegance and moreover called on the most charming mentalist to embody this image: the talented Simon Baker! No wonder then that no one could resist this urban and refined perfume.

The olfactory modernity of Gentleman Only

This is not the first time that a perfume has advertised itself as a master of elegance. Nevertheless, Gentleman Only is worked with great modernity. This one offers an aromatic accord but revisits it. The freshness is then contrasted by a more woody aspect. His departure displays a dazzling green tangerine. This one is spiced with pink berries, nutmeg and birch leaves. In this sense, Gentleman Only displays a heartwarming and very elegant masculinity. Then, virility takes on its full meaning. Gentleman Only is filled with cedar wood, patchouli and vetiver. This trilogy of elements then gives relief to this juice. Finally, the whole is underlined by a particularly intense dash of incense.

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