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Dior – J’adore Eau Lumière


Dior - J'adore Eau Lumière
Dior – J’adore Eau Lumière

For many years, the iconic Chanel No.5 was considered the greatest perfume in the world. Nevertheless, in 2011, J’adore de Dior managed to steal the first place of the podium by achieving a turnover of 50.7 million euros and by occupying 4% of market share. Indeed, since its release in 1999, the number of women who have succumbed to the charm of the iconic J’adore perfume has been counted. Also, the latter will be delighted to learn that a new olfactory variation of its scent has just emerged. Indeed, J’adore Eau Lumière appeared on our shelves in March 2016.

The new J’adore Eau Lumière

Logically, J’adore Eau Lumière uses many codes from its predecessor, starting with its bottle. Indeed, this one is recognizable among all and reappropriates the emblematic amphora shape of J’adore. This one is faithful to the New-Look style of Dior and displays a very marked waist and highlighted hips. In this sense, J’adore Eau Lumière immediately highlights its femininity. Likewise, it retains its collar covered with multiple golden rings. Only its color is really different. Its once gold-like juice has been redesigned in a very feminine, soft pink hue. Also, it is all this romanticism that also shines through its scents. J’adore Eau Lumière starts with an explosive and captivating scent of blood orange and lemon. Then, it evolves towards a particularly floral heart composed of magnolia, Damascus rose and neroli. These three ingredients reveal a suave, rich, opulent and very feminine personality. Finally, J’adore Eau Lumière is moving towards a warmer and woody trail. The sandalwood delivers its milky and creamy facet, while the vanilla underlines the whole with its bewitching exoticism.

Charlize Theron, muse of Dior

According to perfumer François Demachy, the nose behind this creation: “ J’adore Eau Lumière has an extraordinary personality.. There is something attractive and bubbly about it. It is an immediate explosion, a direct route to pleasure. “Also, a personality was needed to match this new scented creation. Obviously, as we do not change a winning team, Dior once again called on actress Charlize Theron. Indeed, it has been 11 years since its collaboration with the brand has lasted and very widely seduced the public. The actress was shot by talented director Peter Lindberg. She then had plenty of time to reveal her wide range of acting skills to us. Indeed, Charlize Theron has been rewarded many times for her talent, even going so far as to win the Oscar for best actress in 2004 for her role in the movie Monster. Furthermore, she is also a woman of heart and thus sticks to values ​​dear to the Dior brand. She is particularly involved in the fight against AIDS in her native South Africa. Likewise, she was chosen to be the Messenger of Peace by the UN. This femme fatale therefore has many strings to its bow and it is very likely that you will not be able to resist its new scent.

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