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Lady Emblem: The jewel perfume signed Montblanc


Lady Emblem: The jewel perfume signed Montblanc
Lady Emblem: The jewel perfume signed Montblanc

The famous Emblem, the virile, elegant and powerful man of Montblanc, finally has a scented companion to match his charisma! Lady Emblem cannot leave indifferent as its unique trail creates a woman as charming as she is strong, as elegant as glamorous. Lady Emblem, dressed all in “roses” , is aimed at assertive women who enjoy wearing delicate Montblanc jewelry as well as marking people’s minds with their unforgettable presence.

Lady Emblem or the perfume of the “diamond” woman

Until now, Montblanc perfumes wanted to highlight the strong values ​​of prestige and elegance of the venerable brand of German pens. Presence, Individuel, or even Starwalker found their inspiration in the aesthetic concept of the pen ranges as well as, of course, in their elegant owners.

However, the house of Montblanc now offers feminine jewelry, so it is these jewelry that will be used to describe the Montblanc woman. Thus Emblem is a feminine perfume, Lady Emblem, but also the name of a magnificent range of jewelry made of white gold and rose gold composed around the luminous diamond and the symbol of absolute femininity, the rose.

What’s more, Lady Emblem, is portrayed with the same distinction as her male companion Emblem. The magnificent muse appears in a sober and extremely elegant masculine-feminine style. His steely gaze and crazy allure will be highlighted by Peter Lindberg in a black and white visual that is as refined as it is most aesthetic. We also notice the Montblanc jewels shining like nuggets of light in the photo. The advertising film proposed for Lady Emblem will keep the same sobriety by showing the backstage of the extraordinary photo shoot of the visual with the great photographer.

Lady Emblem’s wife does not need any artifice to illuminate the world with her presence, only her few jewels and her perfume are enough to engrave in memory the sublime moment of her presence …

The elegance of the rose, the freshness of the fruit and the sensuality of the wood for an unforgettable Lady Emblem woman

The aesthetic of the Lady Emblem bottle has moved away from the round shapes usually used for Montblanc feminine fragrances. This can be explained quite simply by the fact that Lady Emblem wants to be a “perfume-jewel”: a perfume which exalts the beauty of Emblem jewelry from Mont-Blanc. The pretty scented rose of Lady Emblem glass makes our eyes vibrate with its amber petals to make us dream …

Lady Emblem opens first with very fruity notes of redcurrant, peach and red fruit jam offering a very gourmet start which will be magnified by an opulent and delicate rose. Then the heart of this “Lady” melts into seductive and warm sensualities of sandalwood, patchouli and rosewood. Finally, Lady Emblem’s flower woman, now in bloom, will offer us her most beautiful contrasts between musk animalities and fruity raspberry tenderness in order to leave an unforgettable memory of her presence.

“Lady Emblem is a floral fragrance born from the essence of rose, a universal synonym of elegance and femininity. »Montblanc for Lady Emblem.

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